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Elizabeth is in rehab

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This lovely little lady is a gorgeous girl with sparkling blue eyes and a luscious red and white coat. Lizzie is very friendly, always ready to party and never stops wagging her tail.

Lizzie resides in a foster home with 3 other dogs. She adores her smaller foster brother and plays with him non-stop throughout the day. She respects the space of her larger foster brother who isn’t a fan of dogs in his face. Lizzie has shown alpha personality towards other females when in the home however she has learned to be gentle and sweet natured towards the latest female addition to the pack, now acting motherly to her little gang.

When Lizzie arrived it was clear to her foster mom that she didn’t know her basic commands but as it turns out since Lizzie came from Quebec her knowledge of commands were in French! This beautiful girl is smart as a whip and has done really well learning commands in English. Lizzie has since grasped the concept of recall, answers to her name, sits when asked, enters her crate when asked, learned the basic commands “out”, “in”, “down”, “come”, “leave it”, “go pee”, “cookie”. Lizzie isn’t the best on leash and will require consistency with her training. In addition to being crate trained, Lizzie is also house trained.

The best home for Lizzie would be with a household that has plenty of time for her, for training, adventures and unconditional love. Lizzie adores her canine companionship and would do well in a home with another dog that is smaller in size. Lizzie is also child friendly, she loves the high energy. She really is a party girl! Lizzie does play fight and can sometimes become a little too oral however she responds to the command of “gentle” and will quiet down if she is playing too hard. It would be best if she was around children who are dog savvy. Lizzie will bark when someone comes to the door but for the most part she is quiet.

Lizzie travels well, she loves car rides, gazing out the window watching the world pass her by. Not much of an outdoors girl, she is usually the first to want to go back into the house. Lizzie is happy sleeping her day away in a cozy dog beg. She loves dog beds, doesn’t discriminate on their size! When she’s not snoozing or play fighting with her companion, Lizzie enjoys chewing on a treat or playing with stuffed animals. She is a low maintenance dog who is happiest when being loved by her handler.

Lizzie didn’t have it easy. She was found as a stray with medical issues that needed tending. When Lizzie first came into rescue we were aware that she had a mammary tumour and made arrangements to have it removed as soon as possible. He pre-op blood work and x-rays all looked favourable and she came through surgery with flying colours. Unfortunately, the histopathology did show that Lizzie had a low grade malignancy. However there were positives in the report in that all the margins were clear and being low-grade it was not considered aggressive. There were no indications of any spread of the disease. In 50% of cases of all mammary cancers surgery is curative and we are hopeful that this is the case for this very sweet girl. We are happy to share her histopathology report with serious applicants. While there are no guarantees in life for any of us we are confident that Lizzie’s future family will be willing to take a chance on her.

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