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A note from Piper’s foster mom: Piper came from an unknown world fraught with distrust, but this little trooper is making progress so well. I have allowed her to move forward on her terms and didn’t try to push her into being more outgoing than she was comfortable being. Even though she came to us with great distrust of hands ( I can confidently say that that is typical back-yard breeder dog traits), she is taking treats from our hands now and recently allowed me to pick her up and sit with me on the couch while I watch TV. Wow, I was so proud of her !

She is very charming with her tail constantly wagging. She still has fear of the leash but with more positive reinforcement I am optimistic she will move forward with that also. She loves to lie on the deck in the sun. She’s no fool – she’s front and centre of the action while you’re making dinner, so a dinner bell is not needed !

Her happy dance that she performs when I come home or call her into the kitchen is something to see! She will be spayed with dental work (dental work only if needed) very soon.Do you have love, patience and understanding for such a special girl? Would you love to continue to build this little girls’ trust one day at a time, and allow her to flourish on her own terms? Then Piper is your girl. I can fill you in on tricks and techniques I have used to boost Piper’s confidence and increase her trust of us. These techniques work, because she has come such a long way in such a short time.

Piper would need a securely fenced yard to keep her safe. A home with older children or a retired couple that would be very respectful and gentle with her as she moved forward with trusting people and also where she is not left alone for any length of time so that the bonding process can continue, is ideal for Piper.

Piper says: I am feeling a wee bit nervous in my new surroundings but I do feel happy at the same time. I can feel my confidence growing everyday! I love my new dog friends here even though I am not really into running around and playing.. yet! I am more of a laid back type of gal. I love my yard and being able to come and go from the back door as I please. Now that’s freedom! My foster Mom and Dad makes a fuss over me all the time and they are always talking to me which makes me feel pretty special. I’m listening and watching them, and I know that someday I will interact much more with them. The best part is that I’m already housebroken, and I don’t bark very much!


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