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Bonney has been adopted!


This boy is a beautiful ball of white fur with an adorable dark little nose and sweet eyes peeking out at the world.

Bonney’s owner was faced with the difficult decision of having to re-home him, a decision that was very upsetting for both of them. Bonney was very well cared for, and very much l0ved his whole life.

This little guy is house trained and gets along really well with other dogs. He does take a bit of time to warm up to new people, once he does he is very happy and super friendly.

Bonney LOVES to walk on leash. He’s always up to head out the door for a trip around the block. He has not much use for the backyard, does his business and comes right back, but a walk is never long enough. He will need people who will take him for a good walk a few times a day.

Bonney had spinal surgery twice in 2016 for a disc injury issue. He has healed well, but precautions should be taken to prevent future injury such as no jumping from furniture or rough play with other dogs, etc. He’s a capable guy, his future family just needs to keep this in mind during play time. As well, it would be important to keep Bonney’s weight in check to avoid strain on his back given his longer body type. We are also seeking a family with older children who would be respectful and aware of this as well.

Due to the medical history with his back, we are searching for a more relaxed quiet home for Bonney. No small kids or young playful dogs.

Bonney was lovingly fostered by Carol J. and Sandi M.