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A few of our foster dogs

Happy Tail Updates!

  • Just giving you an update on the loving little Ezzy. I've had him almost two months now and he is the brightest light in my life! He is such a silly little man who gets the biggest bursts of energy and is so much fun to play with. He loves all of my mother's dogs, especially the female german shepherd, and is extremely excited to meet every dog he sees on his walks. His kennel cough has completely cleared up and he hasn't had a coughing episode in weeks. The hair on his back is growing back nicely and he has gained back a couple pounds! He is loving his new home and I thank you so much for helping me find this amazing little guy. Here's a couple pictures for you! Take care and happy Thanksgiving!

  • Hey there, Can’t believe its been a year! Coco is doing so good. She has brought so much love and laughter to my family. She has been an angel. We couldn’t be more blessed to have adopted her. We want to thank you again for saving animals lives and giving them another chance at life. Coco came into our lives at the perfect time. She has been a constant companion for my family and for that we are forever grateful :)

  • We just want to say a big Thank you to Save me Rescue, a year ago today we adopted Zeus. He is doing so well, our vet said his blood levels are normal so he has been able to get off of his prescription diet and our vet also said Zeus is super healthy and should live until at least 14! His eye sight has gotten worse though in the last year but it is not bad enough where they can do anything to correct it yet. Otherwise, he has settled into his new life great. We are so grateful you allowed us to bring him into our family!

  • A quick note marking the day, two years ago I adopted Libby. I am forever grateful for the work your organization does to bring these loving deserving pups into safe homes. Libby (Liberty) was one of the pups from a Kentucky shelter brought to Canada in summer of 2015. How someone could not love this dog is beyond me! She is a total sweetheart and has worked her way into everyone's hearts. She has endeared herself to her vet, all of the neighbours and really anyone she meets - must be those big brown eyes. She loves chasing anything that moves in the backyard, big walks in the woods and running through the river and puddles - the muddier the better. She has had a clean bill of health since the day I brought her home. It really was an amazing experience working with your organization. Thank you for everything you do! Kim and Libby

  • Ivy has settled into our home wonderfully. We are really getting to know her well and seeing more and more of personality every day. She has enjoyed getting to know our neighbourhood and nearby parks very well and is walking on a leash like a champ. The best part of everyday is seeing how excited and happy she is to see us when we come home, she has truly become one of the family. Thank you very much to you and everyone at Save Me Dog Rescue.

  • We are so grateful for Save Me Rescue! Frankie's (aka Frankenstein) has been the best addition to our life. He is so calm, loves to nap in the kitchen and has a keen knack for sniffing out pepperoni pizza in the bushes (gotta love the hound nose!) He is happiest when he is getting belly rubs or lying in mud. We were a bit nervous about adopting a senior but he is just the sweetest and we are so lucky to have him. He did have some dental surgery last year, but is otherwise in perfect health. If any of your fans are thinking of adopting, please consider a senior! Thank you so much to all your volunteers & his foster mom.

  • Today is the one year anniversary of adopting our little fox. When we first started looking into getting a dog we were looking for something much bigger. We looked at a few seriously but nothing fit quite right. At first we disregarded getting a chihuahua but for some reason kept coming back to her bio. I loved Foxy before I even met her. When I did, I knew she was going to find her forever home with us. The past year has been amazing. We did 6 months of training w a trainer and lots of homework. Let's be honest, it was to train me mostly as Foxy is my first dog. We've got to witness her come into herself. Her personality really shines through these days. She loves to run and play. She tolerates my singing in exchange for all the snuggles. Such a funny funny little fox. She's now on a raw food diet and is thriving! She licks the bowl clean every meal; duck, rabbit, and kangaroo are her favourites. ( of course they are... they're the most expensive) lol Happy 1st anniversary to you, my baby fox. I just love you so much!

  • Hi, a little update on Howie: Howie has been with us for over a month but it feels like he's always been a part of our family 😀 He's adjusting well to his new surroundings, and getting along with his new brother, Anakin. He likes to run around the house with Anakin, steel toys from him if he's not looking but is very respectful of Anakin's food bowl. Howie loves to stretch on the sofa or our beds, and does snore when sleeping 😃 Recently Howie started obedience training and is doing very well; (I, on the other hand, need a lot of training). Howie is such a good boy! We're so happy we got the opportunity to add him to our family. Thank you Save Me Rescue very much!!! And especially, thank you Marcy for taking such a good care of Howie!

  • Hi Mom!! I miss you!! I wanted to show you some of the fun I'm having at my furever home ! Guess what I did today?!? I went to the dog park!!! My mommy only took me in the little dog section but I think it will do just fine! Everyone goes " oh that poor dog" when they see my leg is gone then I trick them and run like the wind ! My backyard is big so I've been practising . I am a big mommies girl , she even lets me use her pillow ! I also met a new creature, they say she's a baby , I think she smells good but they don't let me lick her face and head like I want to , silly people I was just bathing her! Everyday I learn something new and my tail is always wagging . I hope you and my friends are good and getting lots of treats . Love Ella

  • Clover is doing amazing! It feels like we have had her forever! Cant believe its only been a year. She is perfectly socialized and spends a lot of time outdoors, going on walks on the beach, around sniffing animals, and at night she snuggles up with us. We have had no issues and we couldn't have have asked for a better dog! Thank you for allowing us to adopt her, we couldn't ask for anything more!

  • Hammy's personality is really starting to come out now! He's such an amazing addition to our family!!

  • "Sweet Bella (used to be Trudy) after her morning walk" As you can see she is very much loved and relaxed with her new family!

  • Mum and I didn’t realize what we missing from our lives until we met Ginny. She has changed the dynamic duo into the three musketeers. Waking her up every morning, seeing her do her stretches and getting my good morning kiss makes me start every day on the right foot. She loves going on long walks and now runs up to 5km (with pee breaks of course). One of her favourite things is wrestling much larger dogs (even Great Danes!) and has never had an issue with any other dogs. She interacts with everyone she meets and makes it hard walking her down the street without people stopping to say hi to her and give a quick pet. We finished our pup training course first in class and made lots of new friends in the process. She has even used her charm (and puppy dog eyes) to rope two neighbours into walking her multiple times a day and has quickly put on so much muscle we had to get a new harness! Thank you for allowing us the pleasure of having Ginny in our lives.

  • Sadie came to us a year and a half ago very timid, and uncertain. As time passed and our bond continued to strengthen she has become the absolute perfect fit. Sadie has several daily highlights while include touring the neighbourhood with regular walks, her vegetable snacks, her fireplace cuddles, her backyard sun bathing, and her nighttime routine with lots of cuddles and kisses in bed. We are so grateful for the love Sadie brings us every single day. Each day she reminds us of how lucky we are to have such a special loving precious soul.

  • Today (July 17, 2017) marks one month since we've had Rielly! I can't believe how far he's come. He's so much more calmer and knows how to sit, lay down and stay. We found a park with a fully enclosed fence where Rielly loves to run around and chase his ball although the ball doesn't last long. We took him to my nephews first birthday party and he was great with the 7 kids under the age of 5. We love him so much!

  • It's been a joy watching Sierra grow to be a confident girl! When we got her May 2016 she was very quiet and was a little nervous hearing traffic and other sounds but that didn't last long. Sierra loves to talk and she gets a little sassy at times with some Got her DNA done and Sierra is 20-36% both German Shepherd, St Bernard. and she is 10-20% both Alaskan Malamute, Whippet. It was really interesting to learn her DNA as we can see behaviors of the breeds in her. Loves to play in the snow. Sierra also loves to run really fast and spin around the yard. Sierra loves car rides walks. She keeps stealing my husbands old shoes out of the garage and we find them in the middle of the yard.. she's done this with mats and dog towels too when I leave them on She follows us around the house moving around to all her pillows. She's got a favorite spot under a bush in the garden too. We love having Sierra as part of our family and we can see she loves us too!! Friends and family have commented on how beautiful Sierra is and how well she behaves. Love her!

  • Hello Save Me! We are celebrating Rosie's 1 year gotchaversary! It is amazing how much joy is is bringing into our lives, every single day. We love her to bits, and we are so grateful to all the fosters and other people involved with your rescue. Much love to you all!

  • He is doing SO well here with us and our cat Winston. He is so playful, full of energy but also a big sucky cuddly baby he is just perfect for us. Winston and Louie play together all the time. It is equal give and take, although sometimes Winston doesn't realize how strong he is and we make them take a break. We recently started taking him to dog parks and it is his favourite thing in the world. Everyone is always in awe of him and how he is totally fearless and can keep up with the big dogs! We have also started training him ourselves and he already knows sit, stay, come and we are getting there with heel. Hope you are doing well! Emily, Dylan, Winston and Louie

  • Hi everyone it's me Little Man. At the end of January I got word that a family needed a Canine Security Specialist (CSS). I got there just in the nick of time! They didn't have any security and the place was overrun with squirrels and birds. I sure showed them! They had cold laps and they had forgotten how nice it is to rub furry bellies! This I corrected immediately. I even taught them how to walk with a rope again. Now - the Bed is only a Queen size so I taught them how to sleep on their sides. (I like to stretch out when I sleep.) The last thing I corrected is the feeding situation. They thought 1 bowl a day would do...NO way. For this I allowed a slight compromise ...1 bowl a day and snacks and treats when ever I ask. The next thing I am going to do is to convince them to throw a extra Steak on the BBQ... Well I finally have my new family trained the way I want them so I think I'll stay. Thanks again Sincerely, Little Man CSS

  • On October 26, 2014, my life changed. That was a Sunday, the night I adopted Katie. Now, a year later, as I reflect back on that special day, I want to thank every single person who helped bring this angel into my life. I am in constant awe as I get to know the people who volunteer for Save Me Rescue. What an unbelievable group of people who are so committed to such a wonderful cause. The amount of dedication, time and effort that goes into the adoption process is astonishing. The combination of compassion and professionalism that every single person involved with Save Me Rescue demonstrates is indeed inspirational to say the least. I feel honoured and privileged to have had the opportunity to adopt Katie, and now to be part of your team. Every single day of my life is better because of Katie. As life presents us all with difficult twists, turns and challenges, just having her by my side and seeing that little tail wag always puts a smile on my face, no matter what is going on. I have read over and over again how people feel rescued by their “rescue” dog. I now know what they mean. With all your experience and knowledge, you somehow knew that Katie was the right dog for me, and bringing her into my home and into my heart has changed my life forever. As we celebrate our first year together, I want to thank you and everyone involved for the wonderful work you do and for bringing this beautiful soul into my life. With warmest regards, Lisa

  • It's our one year pup-aversary with Colby! 295 walks + 1,342 games of fetch the tennis ball + 748 cuddles + 2,300 slobbery puppy kisses + 1 trip to the emergency vet after an unfortunate chocolate cake incident + 4 failed attempts at swimming and the corresponding consoling = a full year with our Colby dog (and we've loved every minute of it!). We can't wait to see this years tally of adventures with our boy. Keep doing what you're doing Save Me Rescue! You are so appreciated.

  • Happy New Year! Hope you had a great holiday season! Allie is doing great! We love her to death! She's so, so wonderful. She's settled right in with us. We drove to Nova Scotia for Christmas and she loved it! Anyway, I snapped a picture tonight so you can see how she's doing. As you can tell, she and Buddy are getting along really well!

  • When Harley came into our lives we had absolutely no plans to get another dog until our current one passed away. She is an older girl and we didn't think it would be fair to her to bring another dog into her life after 12 years of solitude (other than the cats of course). Harley seemed to have other plans for us because from the second he walked into our lives it was fairly obvious to me that he wasn't going to be leaving any time soon. I always say it isn't the owner that picks the dog, it's the dog who chooses the owner and this was no exception. We brought him home for a trial run to see how he did and he chose his home right then and there. He gets along great with our other dog.. a little too well actually because being a Beagle she managed to teach Harley to howl.. quite the strange sound coming from a corgi/husky/catahoula/cattledog. We are still working on his leash training but find the no pull harness is helping quite a bit! He has a TON of energy and we love watching him spring board off anything and everything as he tears around the backyard. We are still trying to teach him that the cats just might not understand that a 60 pound dog barking and jumping at them is 'just playing' but with time I'm sure they will come to an understanding! It's wonderful to see that even after he had such a rough start in life, he is still such a happy go lucky sweetheart. He loves absolutely anyone and everyone. He spends his days tearing around the house and yard with a happy grin on his face, and the nights cuddled up with us giving kisses and getting belly rubs. We have only had him for a few months but it seems like he has been a part of our lives forever. We are absolutely in love with him. Thank you Save Me Rescue for adding another piece to our growing family!

  • Save Me Rescue girl Kelly enjoying the cottage life with her BIG sister Nikki

  • Here is a picture of Moses helping with the pumpkin harvest. We've had him out in the canoe one evening and he did very well. This weekend he takes off for his first canoe trip. I'm sure I'll get some good pictures. He is such a happy boy unless he is separated from Daddy! Right now He is moving top soil so the gate has to be open. Moses was whining by the front door. Now he is napping by the front door, waiting for permission to re-join the fun. Our cat thinks Moses is the worst idea since Dorie. But she is alone in her opinion. He charmed our out of town guests who are not dog people at all. We think that he is slimming down a bit and his stamina is definitely improving. He loves to have us hit a tennis ball for him to chase across the yard. We've left him home alone for a few hours each Sunday morning and have come home to find the house in perfect condition. What a peach he is. We just love him!

  • Here is a picture of Bandit (Now Otis) with his forever mom! He is very loved and very happy!

  • Follow up from Peeta and Kai's mom: " I love these great guys and I believe they love me. Thank you so much for letting them come into my life! "