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Kamila is available for adoption

Sponsored with love by Chelsey and Phillip, in celebration of their upcoming wedding.



Kamila is a sweet silly girl coming all the way from Kentucky! She is 11 months old, and still has her puppy attitude. She has a lot to learn but is eager to be taught. Poor girl is underweight and will need to put on a few pounds. Goal/Ideal weight is estimated to be 40-45lbs but she wants you to know that shes 30lbs, eating lots and gaining those lbs! She now knows that in her new life, food isn’t scarce anymore.

She just about house trained, loves her crate, and is getting better with walking on a leash
She is great with other dogs, and great around kids. She is a hound with a prey drive, so she might not be the ideal off leash dog. She is learning the commands of sit, but she knows her name and is learning recall.

Her ideal home would be somewhere with a yard that she can run around in. She loves to play so if you have another dog, she would love that, but she will also excel with being the only dog. She loves attention, snuggles and rubs. She just discovered toys, and she looooves them.

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** Adoptions within the province of Ontario only