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Maui has been adopted!


They say the best things come in small packages, and whoever “they” are, well – they were right!
Meet Maui. This 6 pound little bundle of love is as lovely as they get.

Maui comes to us from a shelter in Quebec, but does seem to understand the English language! Either that, or she is just humouring her foster parents and mimicking her foster siblings for the time being. Regardless, she has been adjusting perfectly in her temporary home and at the risk of her becoming too attached, we have set out to find a home wherein she will be able to stay, and be loved forever!

Maui is currently living with two very large dogs and has been great! She shows no fear with large or small dogs, and has little to no interest in cats whatsoever. Though she is great with children, due to her size, we have chosen not to place her in a home with kids at this time. However, grandchildren who visit on occasion should not be an issue, as long as they know to be gentle and kind! We know Maui will be!

Maui is perfectly house-trained, but like any dog, needs to be let out regularly and is a dog who prefers routine. She is not a barker in the least, and is very respectful in and of her home. Maui is low energy but does have her moments of activity when playing with other dogs, or when her foster parents come home from work! She is great in the car, choosing her passengers lap and often likes to be wrapped up in a blanket like a burrito.

Maui would like to be in the company of another small dog who likes to play. An independent or older dog may become annoyed with Maui over time as she is really a dog who loves to interact with others. That said, she does not have a penchant for toys. With her people, Maui is extremely affectionate, but would not be considered a velcro dog. That is to say, she likes to be where her people are, but will casually hang out or sleep beside them, as opposed to on them if given the choice.

We are currently looking for a family for Maui with someone home most of the day and without too many other dogs as she has told us she really would appreciate some one-on-one attention.