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Kami is adopted!

Kami / Female / Beagle / 1 year old / 26 pounds

Kami’s pull fee was sponsored by Jennifer W.

Kami is a sweet Beagle Mix with a ton of personality.  She was diagnosed with Corneal dystrophy which  is an inherited condition which affects both eyes, often in the same way.  Kami takes eye drops twice a day in both eyes.  The two medications cost approximately 100.00 for both and lasts for just over a month.  The drops will be needed for life and will help Kami retain her sight.  Just under $100 a month is  a small price to pay for this girl!  At just over a year old she has puppy like energy but is catching on to basic commands and learning how to walk on a leash well.  If you are looking for a family dog this is your girl, not only will she be a loyal gal but she would also make a great running dog or even a sport dog.  Since her sense of smell has been heightened she will do well in barn scent events.

Kami can see and gets around just fine, she even completed a dog mud run with 80 obstacles.  She gets along great with kids and other dogs and settles into her dog bed when its time for a nap or bed.  She has a hardy appetite and takes treats gently.  In the house she is a quiet dog as she doesn’t bark or show any kind of separation issues.  She is being socialized with her foster brothers and sisters and goes to work with her foster mom in the evening.  Kami does enjoy her car rides and simply curls up in the back seat and snoozes, she does not tend to jump on people upon first meet but does get excited and will chase her tail to show it!