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Kya has been adopted.


Meet Kya. A typical good-natured, playful, happy young boxer (cross?) female. Kya is a very friendly and open minded soul.  She loves people and new adventures. Kya has a high level of energy and the perfect family for her would be an active family that can commit to long daily walks (or jogs!) and play sessions.

Kya is very food motivated and very much wants to please the people around her. She is clean and housetrained. Her foster family gives her free range of the house when they’re home, but she’s happy to go into her crate when home alone as well. She is very happy to travel in the car as well.

Kya’s foster family is working to improve her manners a bit. She still has some work to do when it comes to being gentle and not grabbing her toys from their hands. At first, she pulled on the leash quite a bit as well. However, Kya is smart and learns quickly and there is a lot of improvement already. It took her less than 2 days to learn to sit patiently beside food on the floor without helping herself until she was given permission.

Kya gets along very well with the other dog in her foster home, and has met many dogs on her walks with her foster family. She is learning to approach others politely but overall is very excited and playful with all dogs.  Her enthusiastic play bows and pounces would convince any dog to play with her.

Kya is a real goofball, making her foster family laugh every day. She is extremely affectionate and would happily sprawl across your lap for cuddles. She is polite and asks for permission before jumping on the couch, but she obviously loves a comfy, cushy place to lounge. This girl likes to be pampered!

Kya would do best in a family without young children, as she doesn’t quite know her own strength and is not the most graceful girl. Her joy, while contagious and charming, leads to a very wiggly bum and a tail that wags so fast it could easily knock over a younger child.  Kya also shows a strong prey drive, and for that reason would not be suitable for a home with cats or other small dogs. She gets very focused on bunnies and squirrels on walks and would happily chase after them if permitted. There has been some progress on this with her foster family but it is slow as she just can’t seem to help it!

Kya is very social and a wonderful companion and very much wants to spend time and interact with the people around her. She brings her favourite toys to greet any new visitor to the home.

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Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!