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Gunner has been adopted!

Sponsored in honour of Grace Brodsky’s birthday by her adoring canine grandchildren.


Hi Guys – My name is Gunner although my foster mom keeps saying I should be called Shadow because I follow her everywhere! I’m still young – just 11 months old – but I’m very well behaved for my age. I am really enjoying my home with my foster sister, but sometimes I get a little carried away with playing and she doesn’t like it so much. My foster mom and sister are helping me to learn what kind of play is ok, and how to be gentle when needed.

Before I came here I didn’t really learn the basics like sit, lay down or stay but I am working on it and foster mom says I’m a very smart boy. I enjoy food – A LOT – so training me with some treats will definitely get me doing all the tricks. I am very quick to catch on and I have been following the lead of my foster sister for things like where to go to the bathroom and how to let the humans know I want to go outside. I have had a couple accidents in the house, but learned very quickly to do my business outside. I also enjoy time in my crate. I might whine or bark a little when you first leave, but I calm down and could be found napping in there by the time you get back. I also will not mess in my crate.

I love to be with my humans – especially at night. While you’re reading or watching TV I am happiest curled up beside you. While I do need some work on my manners (like staying away from the human food) I am a very quick learner and am happy with praise for a job well done. I am gentle in taking food from your hand and won’t nip. I am learning to sit and wait for food, too. I would love a house with another dog in it as I love to wrestle and play tug, although if it’s just me and the humans I’d love that too. I do have a lot of energy so I’d like a family that will take me on lots of walks and maybe to the dog park. Previously, my foster mom said I was a little scared being introduced to new dogs so proper introductions to my new friends would be great!

I will make a great best friend for you and would love to go on all kinds of fun adventures . . . I will follow you everywhere!


Gunner was lovingly fostered by Amanda