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Sammi has been adopted. 


Sammi has good manners in her foster home. She is very respectful. She plays with her toys and has not chewed at anything but toys. Sammi is house trained. Sammi is learning to use her crate. She likes to lie in it with the door open but prefers her other dog bed in the open.

Sammi is leash trained and walks very nicely. She can be in the car tethered or if someone is with her but prefers her walks. Sammi is a husky so she needs a high fence. Sammi is social and friendly with everyone people and dogs. The only correction she has needed so far is to come upstairs and she listens nicely.

Sammi is submissive and sweet and loving. She likes to lick people and dogs in their face. When she goes for walks she mostly ignores dogs & people she passes. Sammi is very good with her foster brother dog and should be in a house without cats. She likes to be with someone at home and prefers not to be alone.

She loves lounging during the day and evening and is very calm especially for a husky. Sammi has medium energy. She sheds her coat every spring and needs a brushing. Sammi is quiet and rarely barks around her family. She lets out a whine every once in a while instead.

Sammi would love a house where people are home and calm and likes other dogs. If there is a fenced yard the fence should be high enough for her not to jump over.

For more information on Sammi, please contact her foster mom Shari at

Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!

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