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Willie (Treeing Cur)

Willie has been adopted. 


The moment we have all been waiting for has arrived! Willie has made his way all the way from Kentucky to his foster home in Mississauga. Since his arrival, Willie has settled into his new pack, including two other dogs and a few cats with ease! The more he gets to know the cats, the more interested he is – and we can’t blame them, they are very pretty!  Luckily his feline siblings do not run from him, but we suspect he may want to play if they should ever choose to.

Speaking of playing, Willie is a pro in this department! He plays very nicely with the dogs, even the one who wants to pull at his ears and grab at his scruff. Willie is always the gentleman and has immense patience. With his older labradoodle foster sister, he plays sweetly and they can often be seen step in step, quietly enjoying each other’s company with just a bit of a lean into each other.

Willie  is incredibly gentle and tolerant.  Though he hasn’t totally loved his baths, he simply waits for them to be overand done with, without complaint. He does love his food which is a great sign as he is a tiny bit underweight at this time, and will finish his food  completely. Once that’s done, Willie will quickly move onto his foster siblings food for more! (Note: this generosity does not go both ways and his food is not for sharing!)

Willie is neutered, up to date on vaccinations, mostly house-broken, knows the sit command and walks incredibly well on a leash. Additionally, it is safe to say that we have never seen so much of a tail-wagger in our lives. We have no doubt that he will be a perfect pet for a very lucky family!


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