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Lovable Tad has been a cherished member of Save Me Rescue since August of this year, and despite being as close to perfect as possible, we have not received any applications for this little fellow!

Tad is an angel. When asked to describe our sweet boy, Tad’s foster mom Rose comments “He is an amazing little dog, and it’s beyond me how he has had such little interest!” Tad is affectionate, loves to cuddle and watch television with his foster family. He is known to lay his head on his parent’s laps and though he tries very hard to watch an entire movie, he usually ends up falling asleep and snoring to his hearts content. He easily makes himself comfortable and enjoys the company of those around him.

Tad has a very healthy appetite, isn’t picky about his food and is happy to take a treat from his mom from time to time. A very intelligent little man, Tad lets his parent’s know when he needs to go outside and loves his walks! He walks extremely well on a leash, is very friendly when meeting other dogs and has been on a few play dates with the dogs across the street. One of Tad’s best assets is his relationship with cats! Tad is currently living with two cats, one friendly and one shy. His ability to decipher the cat’s personalities and give them space when they need it could be classified as way beyond his years, given his mysterious past. Tad loves his kitty siblings and can often be found cuddling with them, or doing yoga in the yard! (see attached photo.)

While he is very happy to stay indoors and be a couch potato, Tad is also a bit of an outdoorsman. He loves his yard and will run around and play tag with the birds who like to pop by and visit. Tad appreciates the little things in life like flowers, and loves to help his foster mom in the garden. He is an extremely easy dog to take care of and most importantly – to love. Tad is just happy to be with his people in a home where he feels safe and comforted. He does not seem to have any bad habits at all and is a very quick learner!

We can’t be sure what Tad has gone through in the past, but what we do know is that he is soaking up every minute of his new life with pride and happiness. Tad is absolutely awesome with his foster mom’s grandchildren who visit frequently and love to play with him. He is very much a family man! Our handsome guy would be a great addition to just about any home who is willing to show him what life can be like as an appreciated member of the household. Though his current foster family would absolutely love to keep him, we have told Tad that his family is out there searching for him and that when he gets adopted, his foster family will be able to save the life of another dog just like him.

He is super sweet, well-mannered and is house-broken. An amazing and very loving dog, Tad has a great personality and gets along great with other dogs and cats. He also loves hanging around with kids. He is simply a happy dog who is always wagging his tail and loves to give kisses. Tad enjoys his walks very much and greets his family at the door with the biggest smile when they come home.