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Rocko has been adopted.


Even though he is 1 year old, we have heard that Rocko has recently asked for a do-over on his puppy-hood since he didn’t really have much of one to begin with. And boy, is he looking to do it right; does this boy have spunk or what! After being crated in a shelter for 5 weeks, we can’t blame him!

Rocko’s foster mom believes that he is just the most stunning boy to recently join Save Me Rescue and though of course his foster family may be biased, it sure is hard to contend with his photos!  Rocko has earned the nickname Scooby Doo as he walks every so slightly with his front toes pointed outwards. Though not so much as to be an impedance – but just enough to be completely adorable.

Rocko is a totally sweet Labrador cross, approximately 1 year of age and already looking for love. He loves to lean in (at 55lbs, his new foster family will need some reinforcement) and will rest against his loved-one’s legs, or tuck in for a long hug and cuddle.  At times, he will slowly reach for a hand to put into his mouth, which we think is his weird way of holding hands, but his future family will need to consider little fingers!  That being said, he means no harm:  he is just being affectionate in his own, albeit silly, way.

Our handsome guy knows sit, and will pretty much do anything for a treat.  He may be a bit underweight, so a bit more food won’t harm him in small doses.  He is quite cat friendly but on occasion, the kitten just begs to be chased and he has a tough time resisting. When he does catch up to her, his kitten sibling may hiss and paw, but our dude slowly and sweetly walks away.  What a gentleman, respecting all those mixed signals from his kitten!

He loves toys, so durable toys will be best for him.  Not all toys stand up to a game of tug of war with your fur-sibling!  He is a strong boy but never uses his strength to intimidate. He would rather win everyone over! On his walks Rocko does tend to pull a little bit, but he seems just so happy to be out.  Of course, this will get better as he realizes what his future holds compared to those super long days spent cooped up in the shelter.  Rocko is house-broken and he sleeps soundly throughout the night in his very own crate.  Though he won’t need a crate long term, we want him to have a safe place of his own while he gets used to his surroundings and all of the changes he has been through lately!

Ultimately, if Rocko’s foster family has to summarize him in one word, that word would be “amazing”.  He has stolen their hearts utterly and in no time at all.  For more info, please contact his foster mom Christine at:

Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!

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