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Rich has been adopted.


“Hi! My name is Rich but unfortunately I have not been “rich” in life.  You see i’m a senior guy who is gentle, loving and kind but none of that helped me as I ended up on the short list at a shelter.  This meant that if no one said they wanted me then I would have to cross the rainbow bridge against my will.

I was scared, lonely and my sight isn’t what it used to be.  I had no idea if someone would see me for the good boy I know I am.  I tried so hard by showing all the shelter staff that I could be sweet and cuddly, I would stay nice and calm and pass all their tests. I just wanted so bad for someone to see my potential and all the love I have left to give.  The shelter staff kept saying what a sweet and good boy I am so I had hope that I would have a second chance.

On November 28th an angel must have been watching over me as a volunteer from Save Me Rescue asked to know more about me.  You see this volunteers heart was broken as she had just lost her grandma. She was inconsolable and not thinking of fostering for a while.  That is until she saw one of our volunteers tagged under my picture on facebook.  She saw which list I was on and thought it the perfect way to honor her grandmother.

I’m a senior black dog and she knew all these things were against me but in her heart she knew there must be someone out there who will see the light inside me and apply to be my forever family.   Please if you think i’m perfect for you then send in an application so I can be in my forever home for the holidays.

For more information on me please email my guardian angel Lara at

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