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Ivy has been adopted.


Ivy is an amazing and tiny 6 year old female Yorkshire Terrier. She has a brave and curious zest for life! Ivy came to us as a puppy mill rescue. She spent the first 6 years of her life caged but that does not slow her down now.

She has adjusted remarkably fast to life beyond the mill. Once she settles in and figures out who’s in charge of feeding her, she becomes a little shadow. She will follow along with you room to room and gets quite a kick out of chasing you outside.

Her curious personality is her driving force and she just can’t resist not knowing what you’re doing. She has even become quite a good little guard dog in her foster home and will give a little Yorkie warning bark if something unusual is going on. It’s very comical.

Ivy gets along great with other dogs as well as cats. She enjoys toys that are small enough that she can drag around as well as bones to chew. She loves to nap beside you on the couch and when she’s comfortable with you. Ivy can become quite dependent on her human and often finds it stressful when she cannot get at you easily.

While she is not fully house trained, but she is getting better with it everyday. As long as you take her out often, she does pretty good. She will use a pee pad in a small space as well.

She is shy, as most mill dogs are, of humans. She does try to get away from people until she gets to know them. (However, if you turn and walk away… she will follow!) Give her a little time and patience and she will eventually come to you as she learns to trust you more and more. If you take things slow and build on her trust, it will be well worth it for you both.

Ivy’s idea forever home would be one that has someone at home most of the time, possibly even retired as she very much finds comfort in the presence of her family. At this time, we are looking for a home without small children as she is easily spooked and due to her tiny size, is considered a fragile dog.

Note: If you regularly check our available dogs listing, you will recognize Ivy’s bio. She was available for adopt a few months ago. Unfortunately, shortly after Ivy’s adoption she fell VERY sick. She was rushed in to hospital and required some fairly expensive surgery which required her to come back into our care.

As a result of that surgery, Ivy lost a kidney and an adrenal gland. We are in the midst of doing followup blood work, but so far she has recovered from it nicely! Our veterinary does not expect that Ivy will have any future issues as a result of the removal but that her adopters must be aware that, she is functioning on one kidney, in the event that she should ever have a kidney or bladder infection. She does not require any special diet or medications either.

For more information on Ivy, please contact her foster mom Colleen, at or submit an application to adopt.

Please note that as Ivy has been moved around quite a bit, we will be taking precaution while placing her in the home that is absolutely best suited for her. If you are not chosen to be Ivy’s forever family, we ask for your patience and understanding in that you may be a fantastic home for another one of our dogs.

Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!

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