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Duke has been adopted!

Duke / Male / Lab – Dane Mix / 5 yrs / Adoption Fee: $400.00


Meet Duke! Duke is a 5 yr old Black Lab mix (possibly Dane? bit of hound?). Duke is a very handsome and lovable guy. He’s very quiet, seldom barks and is always happy. He’s easy to please and is always content to just hang out with his people. He’s a strong but gentle fellow that weighs in at roughly 65lbs. Duke has vision issues, though he is not blind and can get around really well, Duke’s sight is slightly limited. Duke does not seem to see fine details and has trouble with depth perception and appears to see things two dimensional. He does not require drops or surgery, it simply is what it is.

Duke’s favourite activities include fetch, trail walking and riding in the car. Duke’s foster family often take him to the conservation area for walks and he happily walks 7 – 10 kms with no trouble. Duke walks much better in the conservation areas then he does on the sidewalks as there are less smells and distractions then on the busy sidewalk. Duke also loves fetch! As long as you will throw the ball, he will bring it back. He’s very gentle in play time but can be clumsy due to his vision issues (stepping on toes, bumping into you upon return).

Duke is house-trained and also loves his crate space. He wanders into his crate for naps, though his foster family often finds him curled up on the sofa napping as well! He is crated while his foster family goes to work during the day and in completely fine with that. Duke follows the rules of the house and has been a great house guest at his foster family’s home. They say he has been by far, the easiest foster dog to date. Duke is simply happy to just be. He’s a good eater and is gentle taking treats, has no food aggression.

Though Duke does get along with other dogs, they must be calm dogs. Medium to large in size. He does not like other dogs jumping in his face, which is likely due to his eye sight. Duke does chase after the foster family cat, so we are looking for a home without cats. Duke also love children, but because of his vision we are looking for a home with older children that can understand that Duke requires a bit more space and special attention during play time.

Duke’s ideal forever family would enjoy hiking and playing fetch in the yard with him. They would possibly live in the country side, or near a large green space with trails to walk. They would have a calm, cat free, household and lots and lots of love to give this special guy. Duke is a wonderful & sweet dog who is just content to be with his people. He will make a great companion dog.