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A few words from Cleo:
I currently live in the country on a big property and love it! I love the woods, I love my dog buddies, I enjoy sitting on the hot tub cover to survey the back yard and I like to bring birds home to show my foster mom, which she doesn’t seem to appreciate.

When I first arrived here, I used to just run and run like crazy in circles around the house and in the woods. I’d briefly check in with mom and take off again. I was very hard to catch, I could tell mom got frustrated but I was having a fabulous time.

Since then, foster mom has spent a lot of time on my training; now, I stay on the property. I’m a dog who likes to have fun so returning to mom when she called was not high on my social agenda; she has recently convinced me otherwise. I now come back whenever she calls on our trail walks, then I sit while she counts to twenty and I’m allowed to run off when she says “ok.” I’m still resistant when she demands I come in the house but my foster mom is still working on this. She has also taught me sit, stay, lay down, give paw and we often play ‘search and rescue’ with my favorite squeaky tennis ball.

Every Sunday, I attend dog training with Ola Zalewski who runs Paws Above dog training. I do quite well in my class (because I’m uber smart) although I don’t trust every dog in my class so I have to mind my manners. I live with Max and Trip, who are both 100 lb.+ males but, still, new big dogs make me nervous and I need someone to help guide me through this. Regardless, I spend the better part of my day playing with my foster siblings or simply spooning with anyone who will accommodate me, foster humans included.


And now, a few words from my foster mom:
We really adore Cleo. She’s so smart and she’s such a pleaser and has come so far. When we first got her, she was a difficult dog and certainly took commitment consistency and patience. Now, she easily fits into our lifestyle.

Some of the reasons I like her so much is that she is the dog who always accompanies you doing yard work or any outdoor task. When I look out the window, she is often trotting alongside the tractor, gator, garden wagon, etc… Cleo is my mountain biking companion as well as my running buddy. In fact, she likes mountain biking so much, when I get my bike out she cries excitedly and high-fives the front tire. Out of all the dogs we have, Cleo has the best leash manners (she wears a halti).

New things can make Cleo nervous. She accommodates quite quickly but someone interested in bringing Cleo into their lives will have to understand that she needs transitional time. If Cleo does not have a strong leader, she will take over that spot and be your personal security detail. Once Cleo trusts you to take care of her, she’s an amazing dog.

Cleo requires a lot of exercise and would likely not do well in a home without another dog. She very much enjoys the company of little dogs both to play with and snuggle. She will thrive with someone who is interested in putting in the time to train her so she can achieve her maximum potential. With Cleo, it takes so little to get her to understand things and it’s fun to watch her figure it out.

Cleo was literally a day away from euthanasia when Save Me Rescue was able to arrange transport for her. I often think of this when she’s lying in bed beside me in the morning. She is so cuddly, gentle and the best “little spoon” in our house.

Once she has bonded with her committed human, she will be the most amazing partner.

If Cleo could tell you herself, she would say she’d like to go to an active person or couple with dog experience and patience, preferably living in the country but suburbs could work. She should go to a home with another strong dog to keep her company, and on her toes. Cleo needs and loves adventures in the woods or at a cottage, getting lots of exercise, maybe a running partner, and certainly being with people who let her snuggle on the couch. She would excel at obedience/agility; a person who is experienced and dedicated to that sport would be our ideal for Cleo.

Temperament: smart, affectionate, curious, can be anxious
Activity/Energy Level: needs lots of exercise, calm in the house but always eager to get back outside and play
Up to date on Shots: yes
Housebroken: yes
Crate Trained: no
Ok with Dogs: prefers smaller sized dogs
Ok with Cats: yes, she almost entirely ignores them when there is another dog around for her to play with; if there are no other dogs around she will try to play with and chase them.
Ok with Kids: No children under 14 years old.
Origin: stray