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Peachy has been adopted.


Peachy is very affectionate with her people and great with other dogs!

Well, despite her previous life being the pits, Peach is a warm fuzzy dog! Ok, horrible wordplay aside, Peach really is a peach of a dog. She is quiet, friendly to everyone and is tolerating a lot of bullying from her foster sister without retaliation. She loves attention and comes when called. She was found stray and is a few pounds underweight right now. The flip side of that is that she is very food motivated. Peach doesn’t appear to know any commands, but we’re working on it. She loves chasing squirrels and gets along very well with every dog she meets. Peach is fully house trained and had some crate training. She has a very calm, easy going demeanour and will make someone a wonderful, cuddly companion.
For more information on Peachy, please contact her foster mom Kristi, at

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