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William has been adopted!


William / Male / Miniature Pinscher – Chihuahua mix / 17 lbs / 4 yrs / Adoption fee: $400.00


Sweet William is looking for his human soulmate. William is a beautiful, gentle guy, who loves to be with his people. He’s a shy guy with a huge heart!

William is house trained and x-pen trained. William has had separation issues in the past, so keeping him to a good routine is key. William enjoys having his own area and feels some sense of comfort from being in his own space at night and when his foster parents are at work. As long as he has a blanket to snuggle down deep in, he’s a happy guy. (He even likes to share his space with his foster siblings! Him and his golden retriever foster sister often opt to be penned together.)

William is not a huge fan of being alone, so we’re looking for a home with either someone home most of the time, or with other pets. William’s current routine leaves him home with his foster siblings for a full work day and he displays no separation issues, once that routine was learned.

William will thrive in an environment that encourages independent behaviour. His foster family has worked hard to get William to do independent things, such as napping on his own bed and chewing his rawhide bones in his own space. William can easily become dependant on people, and that will set him back and may cause seperation issues, he needs someone who will encourage his new found independence.

William loves to meet new people! He enjoys walking and is great on  leash. He is good with other dogs and enjoys chasing the foster car around. He is not aggressive with the cat at all, but likes to play “bark and chase”.

William will make a sweet and loyal companion dog and will easily fit into any family with an existing dog(s).  He is simply looking for someone to love him and much as he’ll love them.

A bit of background:

William was rescued along with roughly 15 other dogs from a hoarding situation, in which their owner was unable to properly care for them.  We can’t be sure exactly what he has endured in his life so far, but it seemed to have left William timid and unsure about many things.

William spent some time in our rehab program, learning how to be more confident and brave. William came to us as a very timid and shaky little guy. Fearful of the outdoors, unsure of affection from his foster parents, the kind of guy who wanted to sit on the edge of the group and observe. He spent several weeks learning to trust and he became more outgoing.

William is a wonderful little guy. He’s house trained, enjoys cuddling and loves to go for walks. He loves everyone he meets, though shy, he has learned that petting and cuddles are great. He’s a quiet boy and a great companion. We just have to teach him how to exist with a more balanced state of mind.

If you would like to hear more about William, please contact his foster mom Colleen at .

Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!