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Eliza is in rehab

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Eliza loves to walk at the conservation area, click HERE to see!

UPDATE – May 15, 2018

Eliza has come so very far since coming into foster care. When she arrived a month ago, we could not even leash her to go outside. For two weeks, her foster family built up a trust with her and worked with her to get her ready to face the outside world. A few trips outside in a crate to observe, some practice putting on a harness and leash, some pep talks & petting and she did her first leash walk around the yard. Turns out, she’s great on a leash! She walks beside her foster mom, and watches for direction. She has even enjoyed a walk at the conservation area with her retriever sister! She is still easily spooked, learning that there are other people out there can stop her in her tracks, but with some encouragement she continues on.

Eliza is a good eater, is crate trained, and loves her fellow fur family. She would be very happy to be in a home with another active large dog who would enjoy her playful shenanigans.

The ideal home would be one with a nicely fenced yard so that Eliza could run loose, one that is in a low activity area (not a busy street), and being near to a green space for outside experience would be perfect too. Her ideal family would be one without kids at this time. Sudden movements startle her and would leave her feeling on guard at all times. Children “someday” would probably be ok, as she is not an aggressive girl, but just needs more time to adjust before small humans are added to the experience. She would need an owner who will be soft and encouraging, yet firm and able to continue to push her forward in learning and growth. Experience with shutdown, fearful or mill dogs would be handy, but not necessary. The idea adopters would not be a in a rush to get her home, but would be willing to meet with Eliza and her foster family and gain a bit of trust to transition her over to her new home.

Eliza is a smart girl and learning to fit into her foster family home quite nicely. Her wagging tail shows her happiness and her eyes are softening more and more each day as she learns what human love and affection is all about.


Eliza is a very untrusting young girl who has led a pretty sheltered life prior to coming into rescue. Eliza and four of her litter mates, her mom and dad, and another new litter of siblings, all lived in a hoarding home that the owners left almost a year ago. Thankfully the owner did go and feed them regularly, but that was all they did for them.

Having never been outside of her home, she has never met people or been outside, Eliza was basically feral. All of the dogs were taken into custody and as you can well imagine this was pretty traumatic for the dogs. Eliza and her siblings are very shutdown and very afraid of all the new changes in their lives, but they are working hard in their foster homes to overcome this.

Eliza was the least submissive of the three girls that came to us. She was equally as scared and untrusting, but is far more feisty. Less willing to be told what to do and the bigger flight risk. She fights a leash, not willing to be controlled just yet. Short exercises are being done to work with her on the leash and she’s starting to come around to the idea. She sticks to her foster sister (a golden retriever) like glue. She enjoys being petted (though still nervous) as long as her big foster sister is nearby. She has been pretty dependent on her for courage.

Much like her sisters, their house training has been amazing! They’re all doing their business outside and are crate trained. They are learning simple commands and following what the other dogs in the foster home do. Eliza wants to bad to trust and be part of the group, you can see it in her eyes, it will just take a little time for her to adjust to this new life.

Her perfect home will be one with another friendly easy going large dog to play with. It will have a securely fenced yard that she can run and play in. It will likely be some time before Eliza can be leash walked in a public area, so the yard is very important at this point.  While Eliza is not aggressive, at this time, a home with no children would be best as she would be very uneasy with all the movement and noise. Her dream adopter would be one with experience in dealing with shut down dogs, to understand her limits and encourage her forward

She will remain in foster care as she learns to trust and gain confidence. For more information on Eliza, please contact Colleen at

Please check back for updates!