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Thelma has been adopted. 


Thelma is a beautiful girl with an even more gorgeous personality. She is happy, friendly and fun and just adores her people. Thelma is great with other dogs and is currently living alongside two very large foster siblings of her own! This little lady loves the outdoors as you can see from the photos below, but is also down to snuggle on the couch for hours on end. What more could you want in a dog? Thelma is truly the perfect little companion! She is happy to sit and cuddle with you for hours but at the same time, is the first one to start dancing once she sees the leash comes out as she absolutely loves walks. It is truly a sight to see!

She loves all people big and small and considers everyone she meets her new best friend. Because of her love for people though she is looking for a home where someone is around more often than not, or if they are gone during the day she will need a canine companion. We believe Thelma was a puppy mill mother, as has had multiple litters and was surrendered to the shelter with another female dog in similar condition. Amazingly enough both girls were very outgoing and lovable and did not have the shyness often seen in mill dogs, however, this is likely why Thelma is so comfortable in the presence of others dogs as she likely lived with them all her life.

Thelma is blind in her one eye likely due to an old injury but it does not affect her at all. Her foster mom always uses caution when approaching her from that side as to not catch her off guard, but she acts like a dog with full vision and has no limitations. She follows her people around, goes up and down stairs and can handle hardwood, carpet, stone tiles, grass – you name it! Thelma also has some hair loss on her back due to flea dermatitis, however thanks to a healthy diet and good quality food this hair is starting to grow back in. We are looking for a family however who will continue her on a high quality diet and some nice supplements to keep her looking and feeling great!

Thelma is an absolute dream, she is sweet, cuddly and super quirky. She would be a great dog for a first time dog owner. She isn’t a barker except for when you first leave the house due to stress (she is not keen on being alone) so at this time we are saying no apartments.

Whoever ends up with this girl is going to be very lucky!

For more information on Thelma, please contact her foster mom Courtney, at

Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!

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