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Nettie has been adopted.

Her glossy coat is the colour of butterscotch and her face has a gentle beauty to it. And yet, her background was one of harsh neglect, leaving her scarred and scared of close contact. of larger dogs. Of most people. And yet, she lets those who love and care for her know how desperately she wants to love them back. She feels safest and happiest with other dogs her size, slowly learning from their example, and coming to her foster family for brief pets far more often now. What she enjoys without reservation is running in the backyard and playing with her squeaky toys. Fearful of being handled or held for long, she can’t be leashed for walks, bathed, groomed or even crated. The result is a panicked pup, who will scream, scratch and attempt to escape. Although fully house trained, Nettie herself remains a work in progress, one whose training has a ways to go before she’s fully prepared for the next phase of her young life: a permanent and loving home.

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