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Bella is available for adoption


Everyone meet Bella!
This sweet girl is 80 lbs of love and energy. Bella does great on her walks, especially with her front chest clip harness. She loves to stroll down the street and take in all the sights and smells. Her favourite thing to do however, is run like crazy and roughouse with her furry foster siblings! She has so much playful energy that a home with another large breed high energy dog, and a large fenced in yard, is a necessity for this bouncy girl.
Bella loves people! In fact, just saying hello to her will get you whole body wiggles and a whirlwind tail action!
She absolutely loves to play with toys, and does great running and playing with children too. Although she is full of energy, don’t let that fool you! She is equally happy to spend her evening passed out cold snoring away on your lap while you watch tv.
She is a good girl when left unattended as well, although because of her energy she would do best with  an active family where she won’t be alone for too long at a time. She would do best in a home that can dedicate a few hours exercise to her each day.
Bella does very well with other large dogs, however she has exhibited some instinctual prey drive behaviour. For that reason, she would do best in a home with no small dogs, cats or other small animals or rodents.
For more info on Bella, please contact her foster mom Stefanie at
 ** Adoptions within the province of Ontario only