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Lainey is in rehab – Not accepting applications

Sponsored by Bobbi & Jim, in loving memory of Reggie, who was dearly loved by his parents Sue & Chris.


UPDATE – Lainey has been in foster care for some time and she has done very well in over -coming the issues she had when she arrived.  She has gained weight and is a very strong and happy girl who is much more engaged in all aspects of life in her foster home.  Her anemia has fully resolved and she underwent her dentistry and had a number of extractions.  We had hoped that Lainey would have gone up for adoption and found her forever family but she has since had some new challenges that we are working on.  Recent blood work showed some concerns and Lainey is currently on some medications to see if this rectifies things and if not she will be having further diagnostics,  Lainey is very loved in her foster home and we are all hoping for good news for her.


Original bio: Lainey has been with her foster family for a number of weeks now and the changes in this girl have been wonderful to see. Gone is that scared and haunted look which has been replaced by a much brighter and more engaged dog with a constantly wagging tail. Lainey has never met a person she does not like and is a very friendly and social girl. She gets along beautifully with her foster siblings who vary in size from 15 up to 125 lbs.

Lainey is quite low energy and she still sleeps a fair bit of the day away but is having more and more periods of being up and about and showing interest in the activities in the house, Her skin has greatly improved and the areas where she had lost fur are showing regrowth. Lainey has put on some weight and we are hoping that at her upcoming vet visit next week that Dr. Kadri will deem her healthy enough to have some much needed dental surgery. Her recent comprehensive blood work was very good!

It is very apparent that Lainey has had a difficult life. Her rear legs are not as strong as they should be and it is believed she has an old injury which has caused some difficulties. She does get around fine but at times does lift one of her legs when she first gets up from a nap. While she does go up and down the few stairs outside she does not do the long flight of stairs in the house so I do carry her up and down but being a small girl that is no problem.

Lainey is a very quiet girl except when I go out. She is quite vocal in expressing her displeasure but does quiet down fairly quickly. For this reason she would not be suited to apartment living. Lainey’s ideal home would be one where someone is home most of the time and with a person/people who are looking for a loving little companion. She is not an active girl so she needs a home with realistic expectations for this lovely older gal who is so happy to have a lap to sit on and is so grateful for any kindness.

Lainey is still in rehab until she has her dentistry but once that is done she will be ready to find her forever family. If you are interested in Lainey, we are accepting applications. Opening one’s heart to a senior is a very special thing and Lainey will add joy to whoever is fortunate enough to make her a part of their family.

For more information on this sweet little gal, please contact her foster mom Roz at

Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!