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Save Me remembers Tara.


Little 5 lb Tara came into our rescue from a puppy mill totally blind but so full of love wanting to be touched by everyone that would just sit and hold her.  She would curl up into our neck to sleep.  Everyone that came in contact with Tara just fell in love with her sweet face and enthusiasm for life.
As her foster Mom I would go around the yard to water flowers and all I would say is come on Tara time to water the flowers and she would straddle the hose and follow me with the hose she wanted so badly to learn how to live with no sight.  Coming from a puppy mill she wouldn’t have had to learn anything about the outside world but rather than be scared of the world around her she embraced it.
She was so loved in her foster home we couldn’t get enough of her but little did we know Tara was very ill and when she went into be spayed she had a large cancerous tumor on her spleen.  It was determined at that time that Tara’s love and zest for life would not save her from this horrible disease that plagued her little tiny 5lb body.   So with many many tears we had to say good-bye and our hearts were so broken you see Tara not only had a foster home that loved her to the moon and back but she had also found her forever home because we were going to adopt her so she would always be with us.
As fosters we love them and through many tears we see them leave and take comfort in knowing they have gone onto great homes that adopt them.  And in Tara’s case we take comfort in knowing her short time with us Tara felt love for the first time in her life before she went to the Rainbow Bridge to run free.
RIP sweet Tara  Your Life Mattered