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Everyone meet Jax; the most photogenic Chihuahua this side of the equator! This soulful boy has been on quite the adventure in his short life and we would like to use this venue to tell you all about it. Jax’s story begins in Las Vegas where he used to live with his family. Suddenly, for a reason we can’t even begin to fathom, Jax ended up at the pound! Can you believe a tiny little Chihuahua like Jax in a big scary place like that? Our boy was terrified, as you can only imagine.

Then one day, his luck quickly changed. You see, sometimes there are dog lovers who just can’t help themselves. Even when they’re on vacation in another country, they still stop by the local shelters to check in on the poor dogs in need.  Many of us here at Save Me Rescue know this mentality all too well, but we digress. In Jax’s case, a special woman stopped by the shelter one day and saw poor Jax sitting in his kennel alone and scared. Though she was from Canada, she was indeed heartbroken to see Jax so sad and without hope that she could not bear to leave him behind. Without hesitation, the wonderful lady scooped Jax up and out of the shelter to begin his new lease on life in Canada!

Sadly, a few months later Jax’s angel became very ill, unexpectedly. Due to the uncertainty of her illness and without a support system in place for Jax, she felt she needed to instate a plan in case she could no longer care for him. Although she was devastated to do so, Jax’s mom made the heart-wrenching but responsible decision to seek out to a rescue organization that could care for her baby and make sure that he found a family who would give him the unconditional love that she had, so Jax would be safe, happy, loved and healthy for the rest of his life. That is when her selfless decision brought Jax to Save Me Rescue.

Since being in foster care, Jax has certainly made himself at home. Weighing in at a mere 5.5 lbs, Jax is the king of his new castle! Though a little shy upon first meeting, he is incredibly sweet and friendly with strangers, children, cats and other dogs. Possessing a widely optimistic personality (and a fantastic smile to match) despite his past, once Jax feels a person is trustworthy; he warms up very quickly and becomes a fast friend and cuddle buddy. He has completely fallen head over heels for his new foster parents, and siblings which include a handful of dogs, such as his best friend Taco; another Chihuahua. Full of joy, it is obvious that Jax is hugely appreciative of his new home life now that he is no longer in a shelter.

That being said; because Jax has been moved around so frequently in his short life, Jax has very much bonded to his family and new home in a way that breaks our hearts. You see, he is so happy to finally have a home where he isn’t being shuffled around, where his family is with him all day long, where he feels comforted and safe that he has unfortunately developed a severe case of separation anxiety. Though we are incredibly happy that he loves and appreciates his new life, we are saddened that he feels he will be abandoned when his family leaves the home, even if it’s just to the grocery.

It is for this reason that Jax must be adopted into a home wherein his new family can be with him during the day. Someone who is retired or works from home would be the most ideal parent for a dog like Jax as without the presence of his loved ones, he feels completely shut down and can harm himself out of panic. Jax does not require a huge amount of attention during the day; so for someone in a home office he would not be a distraction, rather he just likes to know that someone is home and he is not alone. Of course, strategic methods such as leaving a television or radio on would definitely help to ease his mind. Keeping Jax preoccupied with toys and treats should also help the situation but nothing compares to the company of his humans.

Aside from his separation anxiety, Jax is an awesome dog! He loves to eat, snuggle, run around the yard and chase toys. He would do very well in a home with other dogs that can help him ease his anxiety and engage him in play. Jax is great with stairs but a condo or apartment would not be ideal in the event that his adopter should leave the house and he may cry. Says his foster mom, “Jax’s heart knows no bounds. He is bursting at the seams and can’t wait to spread the love around!”


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