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Jada is an adorable, quiet 6 year old, tiny sweet Chihuahua, weighing in at 6 lbs. She is friendly but shy, but once she gets to know you, she would love nothing better than to snuggle up on your lap! As Jada’s foster mom, I have seen no aggression with food or towards people! I will be introducing her to my grandchildren this week and give a report as soon as I know how she responds! Jada’s activity level is low, so she would be great for a senior! The only time I have seen her energetic is when it comes to her breakfast or dinner; she does the cutest wee “happy dance”!  Jada’s two favourite things are food and sleep! She knows the word “treat” but she has never begged me for any human food!  Jada isn’t really interested in toys; doesn’t chase a ball or shake a stuffy! She seems to be good with small dogs if they don’t get in her face too much, in fact, she doesn’t really bother with my 6 year old Chihuahua at all! Jada loves to sleep with her person on the bed, not by herself in a doggie bed! I never leave her alone on the bed and go out because I’m afraid of her injuring herself if she tried to jump off! I lift her on and off the bed! The adopter may want to introduce her to stairs up to the bed, as long as the top of the stairs are even with the bed so she doesn’t have to jump.

Jada doesn’t know basic commands like sit and stay, but I believe she’s heard “lie down”, “no” or “stop”! I do not use a crate for Jada, but because she isn’t housetrained, it may be a good idea for the adopter to crate her if they go out for a while, until she gets used to pee pads or holding it! I don’t believe Jada has ever been on a leash! I will put her on the grass and she may walk a little bit and do her business but as soon as that’s done; she stands there as if to say, I’m ready to be picked up now and refuses to move! We are working on both leash training and housetraining!

Jada loves the car; the longer the ride, the better! She will either sit on your lap or in a wire crate on the back seat, curled up on a blanket! However, I wouldn’t suggest taking her for a ride immediately after she’s eaten, as the motion makes her sick to her stomach, otherwise she’s fine!

Jada has a grade 2-3 heart murmur and possible skin issues (allergies). She had a flea infestation this year so it’s possible it’s just the remnants of that, that still makes her skin itchy! As soon as her stitches come out from her spay, we will be bathing her in some good quality shampoo (with coconut oil), to see if it helps! Being a short-haired Chihuahua, she sheds, however, I haven’t seen it!

Jada has an appt next week to have her stitches out and blood work done! She will be having dental done in a week or two and should be ready for adoption soon afterwards! She can be placed in a home with or without another wee dog, as she doesn’t seem to  mind one way or the other! She has not barked yet, but she’s only been here for a few days and once more comfortable, maybe she’ll let her voice be known!

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