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Harley is in palliative care

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A few weeks back we were contacted by one of our amazing rescue partners to see if we could help Harley. Being a senior and medical needs dog, his chances of getting out of the shelter were next to impossible without rescue. We were very happy to have a foster for Harley and set about our protocol to bring him into rescue. Unfortunately, it was found during his pre-surgical blood work that his kidneys were severely compromised. At that point we undertook to do some supportive treatment to try and determine if this was a result of dehydration or true kidney disease. We were very saddened when it was found to be end stage kidney disease. Not only did this make it impossible for Harley to have much needed surgery to remove his eye but it also meant that he was not a candidate for transport to Canada. The veterinarian felt that he would not survive the trip and our options became very limited. Even in the most unfortunate circumstances there can be some good fortune. The same wonderful rescue advocate who had asked for our help with Harley asked to be his palliative foster and he is now being kept comfortable and getting lots of love in her home. We know that Harley’s time is limited but we are all so grateful to Sue Douglas for making whatever time he has left a time of love and care.

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