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Save Me remembers Franklin

It’s always hard to write through the tears. RIP Baby. Sept 15, 2017.

When I first saw Franklin’s photo, I knew he was mine. I fell in love with him
instantly. I read his bio and it said no young children. For the next two weeks,
every day, I would pull up his picture. To be honest, he looked a little rough
due to his past. He had one eye that had been removed, blind in the other and
minimal hair because of the poor condition of his skin. All his teeth had to be
removed because of a hole he had in his jaw and he was deaf. On my Birthday Jan
12. I told him I was coming to get him. I sent an email to his foster mom Ev and
told her about my senior pups, and how great my Grandchildren were with them.
Ev replied right away and asked me to fill out an application for adoption.
Things moved along swiftly and very thoroughly which I was pleased to see.
Everyone I spoke with was great. On Jan 31, 2016, Grace informed us that our
family was approved and Franklin was ours, we picked him up on Feb 05 2016 after
he finished his antibiotics. Franklin was coming home.

It’s amazing how Franklin, this little pup can complete your family. He was
meant to be with us. We all loved him so much. He loved life. He loved his food,
he loved his siblings, he loved laying by the doggy floor heater, he loved to
choose the bed HE wanted to sleep in. If we helped him by putting him in a bed
and it was the wrong one, he’d be out in a flash finding the one he wanted. He
loved the wind. He made us cry one time when facing into it, he sounded like he
was coughing, then his first bark came out, then again and again. Franklin
wasn’t a young dog, they think he was approximately 13 years old when we got
him. We were so proud of him. Even though he couldn’t hear himself. He must have
felt the vibrations.his little tail was wagging so fast. He didn’t bark often,
we only heard him a few times. I could write a book on him. My little Franklin,
although small and mighty, gave us so much in the 17 short month he was with us.
Fly like an angel little one. Penny, Jeffrey, and Lola are waiting for you. RIP

Thank you to all at Save Me Dog Rescue for your hard work and dedication in saving so
many dogs.

June and family.