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Gigi is adopted!

Gigi/ Female/ Shih Tzu mix/ 1 year old/6 pounds

We have fostered Gigi for a bit more than a week now. She came to us very scared. We were told she was a fear biter and she needed to build some confidence. We’ll, we are seeing her confidence grow every day. She is still afraid of a lot of things but she can handle most of them without having to bite. She relies on me to keep her safe and trusts that I will not put her in harms way.

She knows her name and happily follows me around the house. She does not know any other commands yet. She uses a pee pad in the house but will do her business outside as well if you let her out often enough. She is crate trained. We use the crate to transport her and she does very well. She is sleeping in bed with my daughter at night.

She has made friends with the other dogs in our home but she will nip at them if she is on my lap first and they try to join in. I am working on her possessiveness.

She likes going for a walk. She will run and play but quickly runs back between my legs if a person or another dog comes by.

Gigi will not be adopted to a home with kids. She will bite if she is approached too quickly or startled. She would do well in a female only home or a home with a very calm, patient man who is willing to help Gigi work through her fear of males.

She will be a really nice dog for an owner who has experience working with fear in dogs so they can continue our work building her confidence. She will also need clear, consistent boundaries  and positive parenting so she can learn what is expected of her. So much potential in this beautiful little lady.