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Cash and Dixie

Cash and Dixie have been adopted!

Cash / Male / Shih-poo / 6 years old / 15 pounds / Bonded

Dixie / Female / Shih-poo / 6 years old / 11 pounds / Bonded

Cash and Dixie are bonded litter-mates that just turned 6. They are both fully up to date with their vetting and in excellent health. Cash is a silly little guy who loves a good rub on his chubby belly. His signature move is to attempt to jump on the couch repeatedly while staring at you until you bring him up to join you. He then often heads for the top of the couch to guard you, of course. Dixie is extremely timid but always craves attention. She comes forward for pets but then often drops to the floor in submission. Although she is fearful, she knows something good is coming so she does let you pick her up and is very happy to have your affection once you do. They are very sweet and cuddly, the definition of lap dogs. They are both just really desperate for love and would do great with someone home a fair bit, though they would do fine home alone during the day if their owners were around evenings and weekends. As they are litter mates, it is our goal that they be re-homed together.

They are house trained but have the odd accident if not taken out regularly. They both are very responsive to their people and would love a home interested in doing some obedience training with them. They have not been walked on leash in some time do to their current living situation but a lot of time was spent on that when they were young. As such, it will likely not take much work to get them walking nicely on a lead again.

Cash and Dixie have grown up around kids and other dogs and get along well with both.
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Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!