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Gail is adopted!


My name is Gail and I am a 2-and-a-half year old mixed pup. Somebody was very curious about what kind of breeds I am, so I was given a DNA test a couple months ago and it turns out I am a mix of basset hound & cocker spaniel and then beagle & terrier! It made sense to me; there’s no mistaking my beagle and hound tendencies. When I’m on a walk, I’m either sniffing everything on the ground or looking up in the trees for my squirrel friends. I’d chase them if I could, but my handler never seems to think that’s the best idea.

Speaking of walks, I am learning to be polite on my leash and I’ve come a long way these past couple months. In the mornings, I have to say I am still pretty excited – I sleep like a champ through the night and am rested and ready to greet the squirrels once the sun comes up. But after a good walk or some time at the off leash, I am infinitely more willing to walk patiently by your side and “stop” and sit nicely at all the stop lights. I love the off leash; we could play fetch all day and, not to brag, but I’m always one of the fastest dogs in the park. Right now I tend to forget to return the ball to my handler because I’m just SO EXCITED to have the ball, but they have gotten smart and learned to bring two of them, so I could go for hours fetching them. I don’t typically pay much mind to the other dogs at the park – they don’t bother me in the least, but I’d rather look for squirrels and play fetch. It has been really nice going to an off leash but I have to say, I dream of my own yard to play fetch in.

Once I have a good walk under my belt, I’m just a big lazy cuddle bug the rest of the day. All I want to do is sleep by my handler’s feet or find a ray of sunshine in the house to bask in. If you’ll let me on your couch, I particularly love to catch a nap on a soft sofa pillow. I don’t mind at all if you interrupt my nap to rub my tummy — tummy rubs are the very best.

I can be very playful, and my favourite toys are anything soft and squeaky. My handlers think I’m nuts but my absolute favourite thing is when I break in a tennis ball – I could chew on that, moaning with happiness, for hours. Lately my handlers have been teaching me about my very own “Spot” so that is where I like to take my toy and treats (like antlers! I love to chew on a good antler before bed in the evening). It’s nice to have a space of my own.

I’m learning to love car rides too! I used to associate car rides with scary, stressful things but my handlers have taken me to parks and friends and so many great things that I am now mostly relaxed in a car. I’ll always willingly hop in (sometimes with a little help; they say I have legs on the short side) and once I’m inside, I am just tall enough to stick my nose out of the car window to take in all the smells that whiz by…. it’s the BEST! I love feeling the wind through my floppy ears.

I’m not a very vocal dog at all. My handlers have commented that they can count on three fingers how many times I have barked in the house when they are around. You’ll only hear my voice when I have to tell the squirrels what I think about them; and sometimes when I am on a walk on my leash I like to say “Hi!” to other dogs. When my handlers have left me for a few hours, I got lonely and howled a little bit.. I suppose I really am part beagle.

They say I’m a fast learner and I already know things like “sit”, “up”, “touch”, “lie down”, “stop”, and “stay”. I also know my left from my right paws! I’ll learn just about anything for a treat. Oh, I also know “bed” and it doesn’t take any treats to get me there – I love going to bed, and being tucked in under a cozy blanket by my handler.

I’ve met a lot of humans, old and young, and I love them all (but I like the ones who bring me treats the most — the smellier the better). I am really just the most content when I am outside, watching curiously over the yard, taking in all the smells, with a kind human by my side.

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