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Emily is adopted

Emily / Female / Coonhound / 2 yrs / Adoption Fee; $400.00


From the minute, Emily met her foster family she showed what a sweet and good natured dog she is. In her true trademark fashion she jumped up on her foster dad and wrapped her paws around him, giving him a hug. Emily has given many hugs since then to not only her foster family but to everyone she meets. We are not sure how Emily ended up in the shelter but it appears as though she may have not have had the best start to life as she can be afraid of loud noises.

That is the only sign of potentially being mistreated in the past as Emily loves and trusts everyone she meets. Emily is excited to meet everyone including kids and other dogs. She does get too excited sometimes and jumps up on people but usually to give her trademark hug and if she is able to reach, a kiss.

Emily is still young at approximately 2 years old (around 44 lbs) and does have some puppy like energy and tendencies. Emily would be best suited for an active family that is committed to exercising her multiple times a day and allowing her to run to burn off that energy. Emily currently enjoys multiple walks during the day (she especially loves walking along trails), running in the backyard (Emily needs a fully fenced in yard and ideally 5 feet as she can climb a 4 foot fence) and going to the dog park (she loves to play with other dogs). Emily loves to play with her toys, the squeaker the better! Based on her love of baths, she might also love to go swimming once the water warms up.

After Emily has burned some of her energy she calms down nicely and will rest in her crate, sit outside and bask in the sunlight or cuddle up next to you or on you! She likes to pretend she is a lap dog and she just loves attention. The best place in her eyes is wherever you are. When it’s time for bed, she can usually be found in her foster parent’s bed.

Emily is still learning some manners and would benefit from a family committed to further training. She is a quick learner and is food motivated.

For the most part, Emily is a quite dog but does voice her displeasure when left alone. She also barks when going for walks if there is another dog or person she wants to greet.

It’s hard to resist Emily’s big brown eyes, big ears and soft lips!

For more information about Emily, please email her foster mom Susan at

Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!