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Buck has been adopted.


​Buck is a beautiful, absolutely amazing dog with a spirit that never tires. He has a zest for life that we all admire. He crates very well, following the point of a finger right into his very own safe place. He can even sometimes be found hanging out in his crate on his own when the door is left open.

Not a vocal dog in particular and both lean and medium in size, Buck would do well in either an apartment, condo or house. Always up for a good cuddle on the couch (or floor.. or bed) Buck likes to be as close to his human as possible. And that goes for other pets too! He can often be found sleeping on top of other dogs in the home, wrapping his long limbs around his foster dad or sitting on his feet. What can we say? This boy is a love!

While his canine room mate doesn’t particularly want to snuggle, he tolerates it and at this point Buck is taking full advantage. That said, Buck would do best in a home without cats as he is playful and likes to chase.

While in rescue Bucky underwent a FHO surgery and he is now fully recovered. His recovery process took about a month and we are very proud if him. Because of this, Buck will require a high quality diet and daily supplements for the rest of his life as the management of his joints will be very important.

He will also benefit greatly from Hydrotherapy session and Save Me Rescue will also be covering the costs of 6 hydrotherapy/laser sessions to contribute to the family that adopts this amazing boy. While he is allowed to run and play like the dog he is Buck’s adopters should be cautious that he does not over do it.

It is possible that in the future Bucky will need his other leg done however as per the surgeon only time will tell. The Rescue will also cover another visit with our surgeon in Collingwood to determine if the second will be required at some point in time.

In the mean time it will be smooth sailing for our precious pup. And does Buck love to run and play, or what! A super happy boy, Buck is sometimes friendly to a fault. Incredibly people friendly, Buck loves everyone he meets – this dog does not have a mean bone in his body!

Though he isn’t always great at reading other dogs when they don’t want to play, Buck would do well in a home with a dog who has a similar “carpe diem” view on life. That is to say, if there is a ball – we chase it. If there is another dog? You betcha we’re snuggling together on the couch. If there is an opportunity for a treat – we’re seizing that right up!

And any opportunity for a treat is a great one for Buck. Having come to our rescue well socialized but not necessarily trained, Buck now listens to commands such as ‘sit,’ ‘stay’ and ‘bed’ thanks to his foster dad’s daily training, as he is very food motivated! Because he has been on bed rest while he recovers from surgery, mental stimulation such as learning useful tricks has been a great way to keep Buck occupied, release some pent up energy and prove to his foster family that he has great training potential!

Still very much a puppy, Buck did have a few accidents in the house when he first arrived to Save Me Rescue. However due to a delayed stay with us, Buck’s foster dad was able to take this time to train Buck on his house-training and his in-house accidents have completely stopped, with several weeks of a perfect track record now under his belt. Great job, foster dad!

At this time because of his pent up energy, Buck should likely avoid a home with small children as he is eager to run and play and may knock a child or two over in the process.

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