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Betty has been adopted.


Betty is an incredibly sweet and gentle dog. She does seem to be losing her vision and is a bit wobbly when walking however so should avoid any kind of slippery flooring. That said, she does not let her lack of sight affect her! Betty comes right towards anyone calling her name, and is very affectionate. She is missing a few of her back teeth so will need to be on soft food. Betty is a very deserving girl in search of her forever family. Could it be yours?

A note from Betty’s foster mom:

Adopting a senior dog is a very special experience but there is something extra special about Betty, she is hands down one of the gentlest and sweetest dogs I have ever met. You pick her up and she instantly melts into your arms, how a dog who has had a past such as hers can be so overly trusting I have no idea but it truly melts my heart.

Betty is a senior  girl at 12 years old and she has little to no vision left but she doesn’t let these things stop her, she may be wobbly on her feet but if she can hear your voice in the yard or in the house you can bet there is nothing that will stop her from getting to you! She also has one of the best appetites I have ever seen on a small dog, her body literally shakes when she hears us preparing her food its hilarious! Betty has been fine with all the other dogs in  my house and I know she also does well with cats, I do find however hyper and highly vocal dogs do tend to stress her out so if placed with another dog its best to be a calm dog.

Betty is fully housetrained and is fine on her alone for a few hours at a time although I know she would prefer a home where someone is around to cuddle and love on her the majority of the time. Its hard to put in writing how special Betty is, I think you really need to meet her to fully understand but it’s safe to say she has won over every person who has met her so far on her journey! In order to keep Betty in the best shape possible we are feeding her a high quality diet and providing her with a daily joint supplement and would be looking for a home who will be willing to keep up this routine.

We have noticed she is quite stiff and wobbly just due to her age and vision issues but as she gets to know our house and yard she has become much more confident in her surroundings and has shown a new confidence in herself! Trust me you cannot help but fall madly in love with this dog, whoever ends up with her is truly lucky! Betty has been lucky enough to have two foster moms during her journey to her new home, one in Ontario and one in Ohio, and I have included a short bio from her Ohio foster mom who also fell under Bettys spell!

A note from Betty’s Ohio foster mom:

First of all, Betty is a great teacher.  She learns her boundaries quickly and although she will stumble and fall at first (especially going from tile to wood or vice versa) she will figure it all out.   She absolutely loves (and I mean loves) food!!  She gobbles up cut green beans, soft treats, watermelon, and boiled chicken. She bolts from the kitchen to my office knowing that’s where she eats (I giggle every time she eats).

I read where a water fountain type water bowl was best for blind dogs so they could hear the water.  I get that….I put her in front of her water bowl a few times a day so she’ll drink.  She does and that became our thing.  She is a creature of habit but will always try new things. She is such a love/sweetheart. Every day she knows that I walk my dogs so I put her in my office and close the door. She knows where everything is and eventually gets in her bed and sleeps but when she hears us return she’s at the office door waiting for her walk.

Yes, I carry her but she smells all the smells and listens to all sounds but when a dog starts barking from a house or the backyard she still would bark and get excited since she has no idea if they are a threat or not. I would just move on and she would be fine.  However, my dogs can bark and carry on all they want and not a peep out of Betty. She knows they are no threat to her.  Matter of fact, they now cuddle with her in her new big bed.  She is one tough lady and I’m so glad you asked to save her.

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Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!