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Coco 2

Coco 2 has been adopted!

Sponsored by Jason, in memory of his beloved dog Karma




Meet Coco 2 named 2 because there is another Coco up for adoption. Coco is a rescue from Kentucky. He was surrendered by his owner due to a change in lifestyle.

Coco just wants to have fun as the song goes…. except a neutered boy not a girl. He is totally housetrained, sleeps in a crate through the night with a couple of minutes of whining as he settles down and thinks he is a lapdog as he lays his head in your lap.

We were at the doggie park several times and he loves playing with other dogs. He does not play fetch well but is anxious to please and ran for the ball but doesn’t bring it all the way back yet. This pup needs lots of exercise and a fenced backyard or a dog park close by are important. We met several children in the park and on walks and he just ignores them. Coco does however keep going for our cat, Yoshi. He just wants to play with him but I think a cat free environment might be better.

When walking he pulls a little but a gentle tug corrects him. Coco is very inquisitive and followed a bunch of dogs in and out of the water. I did not see him actually swim but there was no fear of the waters and the waves. He did however not like the hose when I gave him an outdoor bath. Lol.

Coco will be a great dog for an active family or person who wants a loyal friend.

Last thing, he does not bark a lot’ shed much and loves going in the car. Only 2 days and he has my heart.

Coco 2 was lovingly fostered by Debra.