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Bella has been adopted.


Bella is a very engaging, loving dog that loves life and everything in it. Smart as a whip and that is the terrier in her that is just full of life. She is housebroken and crated at night just in case there is a accident in the house.

Bella loves life so much that she forgets basic obedience and needs a savvy dog person that can work with her continuously to keep her safe she tends to like to run and takes off if given a chance to explore. With all the positive things I can say about Bella that is the only issue that needs to be addressed because of that Bella needs a secured fenced yard where she will be safe until she learns the rules.

She needs someone that loves life and would take her to the dog park and long brisk walks to wear off her energy.

For more information on Bella, please contact her foster mom Cheryl, at