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Autumn has been adopted!


Autumn is an 8 week old female shepherd mix who weights approximately 10 lbs.

She is a feisty little girl who is very sure of herself, She has shown no signs of fear of anything. She is a cuddle bug who loves to sit in everybody’s lap. Autumn is a very happy little puppy who enjoys being both indoors and outdoors. She is very dog friendly and loves nothing better than wrestling with her 2 siblings. She is very independent and loves to explore her environment.

She is in the process of learning crate and potty training. Autumn pays close attention to being taught right from wrong and is very observant of what is happening around her. Because she is very young, she has bursts of energy and then requires a nap. Autumn has good recall and will come when called (puppy attention span taken into account). She does have sharp little baby teeth still and may be best suited in a home that doesn’t have very small children. She is not cat tested, however loves interacting with foster moms ducks. Autumn is a cute little puppy with a very happy disposition.