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Addison has been adopted!

Addison is sponsored by Jennifer G. and her Save Me dog Laddie


Meet Addison and be prepared to fall in love!

This girl has the most beautiful amber coloured eyes, they draw you right in, and match her amber & chocolate fur coat.

Addison has known her share of heart ache, she had a bullet removed from her mid belly area, but you wouldn’t know it given her sweet disposition. She looks up at you with such a face of both love, and wanting to please. She always seems to look like she’s truly listening to what you’re saying to her. It also appears that she recently had pups, but no pups came in to the shelter with her. Sadly this is not uncommon.

She appears to be both house and crate trained, minimal barking and seems to know some basic commands such as sit, stay and leave it. Addison is easily redirected upon command when teaching her new things or to correct behaviour. She does well on a leash. She is good taking treats has not shown any food or toy aggression.

She would do best in a home with experienced dog owner, older kids and larger dogs. She does get along well with other dogs, but needs a supervised slow intro. She corrects easily enough, but seems no one has shown her how to socially meet another dog, so someone with experience to be able to read the situation is important. (Training would be recommended in this area to ensure positive interactions with others go smoothly) Once intros are done she settles well.

Addison was lovingly fostered by Deb