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Marilyne Ellis Memorial Fund

On February 27th, 2022, after a brief, hard fought cancer battle, our rescue lost a fierce advocate for senior dogs. Marilyne, and her husband Jason, had fostered numerous senior dogs over the years – many with medical needs. In her loving hands they would blossom. After receiving all necessary veterinary care, most went on to loving adoptive homes and those who became palliative lived out their lives as beloved forever fosters.

To honour Marilyne, and continue her legacy of compassion and care, we have established this fund which will be used exclusively for senior, high medical needs dogs. Dogs will be brought into care under the auspices of the fund as donations allow.

Should you wish to designate a donation to this fund, and help us keep Marilyne’s love of senior dogs a focus of Save Me, please make note of this at the time of donation in the message area for e-transfers, or use the following link to donate via PayPal directly to this fund PayPal.

The first dog receiving extensive veterinary care through this fund is Daisy and her story can be found here: Daisy

For further Information or should you have questions about this fund or any other aspect of donations please email