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Hi, my name is Tuffy and it sure is nice to be in Canada! I had a rough start in Mexico where I was neglected and abandoned but I’m not letting that slow me down. I waited patiently to get better, and then for the cool weather to permit my flight – now I’m waiting patiently for my Canadian forever home.

I have a lot of puppy energy and love going to the dog park (friendly with all the dogs), playing fetch (I always give the toy back nicely), and then sleeping with my foster dad & brother (like a rock). I’m still getting used to being an inside dog – because I was living outside in Mexico I’ve been having some #1 accidents, but never once in my new crate. My foster dad will tell you all about this, he’s got my pattern figured out and I’m adjusting well.

My foster dad thinks I would get along perfectly with kids who are big enough to be pounced on, I just want to play with and love everyone! I don’t mind having hands in my food or people in my face just never forget every dog has a limit!

Send an email if you want to know anything else about me, I’ve got nothing to hide!

¡Hasta luego, amigos!

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