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Sophie has been adopted.


Our ever beautiful Sophie comes to Save Me Rescue by way of Ohio! This sweet girl was surrendered to a shelter by her previous family when her mother entered an assisted living facility and could no longer care for herself or her beloved Sophie.  Sadly, it was a bit of a traumatic experience for both our lovely little dog and her very kind owner; however we are very happy that Sophie had the support of her family and the shelter staff during such a difficult time.

Luckily for Sophie and all of us at Save Me Rescue, a good-natured and rather generous veterinarian friend of ours in Ohio took Sophie into her own home after treating her and contacted us in order to help Sophie find her happily ever after. We are truly thankful for such a wonderful connection as we have been blessed with a great foster dog overall!

Since arriving to Save Me Rescue, Sophie has adapted very well to foster care! She is a gentle soul with a lovely disposition. At just 9 years of age, Sophie is young at heart but wise in her years. Her favourite activities include a love of walks, playing in the yard and following her family members wherever they go! Sophie has excellent recall and is both house and crate trained.  Over the last couple of months, she has truly begun to thrive with the love and care she continues to receive and has so much love to give in return.

As a gorgeous Shetland dog, Sophie owes her great looks to her genes. However, another thing Shelties can be known for is a propensity to kidney issues and unfortunately our dear Sophie is no exception. While she appears completely healthy, Sophie has a kidney condition that requires daily medication and a vegetarian only diet. Additionally, Sophie requires medication for an on-going issue with her colon as well. While it sounds awful, Sophie is receiving everything she needs to live a rich and full, healthy life and we couldn’t be happier.

While in rescue, Sophie has been seen by our Veterinarian many times while they have conducted multiple tests to determine what exactly her condition is, and why it has occurred. As a result of these examinations, we have finally come to understand what Sophie has, and more importantly, what she needs from us. While she will require daily medication to control her symptoms, we have been given the encouragement to believe that Sophie will live a long healthy life with their help.

As we have now been able to identify her needs, Sophie is finally ready to be adopted! We are so thrilled that we have been able to improve her quality of life and we are now searching for a family who will continue to do the same. Sophie’s monthly medication costs total roughly $200.00 and as such all of us at Save Me Rescue are praying  to find that one special home who will fall in love with her, in order to provide her with all that she needs – not just medically, but emotionally as well!

In return, her new family will be endowed with an easy-going, loving and loyal family pet that will be thankful to have a home of her very own – and will show them with tons of kisses and affection on the regular. Sophie is eager to become a great companion to anyone willing to extend a warm hand or huge and give her a belly rub, because lets face it – who doesn’t like those!?

Sweet Sophie is very good with other dogs and cats and is truly a very simple dog to have and a no-brainer to love. Should you have any further questions about Sophie please feel free to contact her foster mom Maureen at  or submit an application here.

If you would like to donate towards Sophie’s ongoing medical costs, please click on here! Any amount is helpful and greatly appreciated!