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Seymour has been adopted.


Seymour is an incredibly handsome and happy dog who is looking for a home with herding breed experience. The phase “give him an inch he will take a mile” perfect summarizes Seymour. He requires strict boundaries in order to excel to his full potential, which truthfully is limitless as he is a very smart dog who just needs a home who truly understands him and will not baby him. He can be dominate with other dogs so proper introductions are required and due to this fact he would not be a great candidate for the dog park as you cannot guarantee the temperament of the other dogs who are in this environment, he does however co-exist beautifully with cats.

Seymour is currently staying at a boarding/training facility and has shown immense improvement since he joined their program. He has quickly picked up all the house rules and is proving himself to be a very well behaved boy once boundaries are set. His new adoptive home will need to be committed to continuing with his training program as we want to make sure this boy continues to grow and excel! In some ways Seymour is a project, he still has a lot to learn as up to this point humans have given in to him and allowed him to be in charge, through his training though he has shown that although this is his norm he is actually a much happier dog when he has boundaries and understands what is expected of him.

This boy have so much love to give and we are so excited to find him a home which will help him continue to grow into the amazing companion he is meant to be. Due to his size and the fact that he is still learning to be a polite and respectful pup we are looking for a home without young children.

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