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Russell was first brought to the attention of Save Me Rescue volunteers, through a picture of a very scared looking dog at a Kentucky Shelter.  Russell’s foster mom fell in love with him instantly before she even knew about his love for giving kisses, adorable underbite and enthusiastic smile.

Russell is the sweetest!  This boy is going to make a lucky family very very happy.  He warms up to people easily and loves the company of all other dogs.   Even during Russell’s most difficult and frightening shelter days, we are told that although he was terrified, he was never snappy or tried to bite.

It is hard to imagine how a dog as nice, friendly and loving as Russell could end up in a shelter.  It is clear that at some point in Russell’s life, he was very loved by someone, he is trusting, affectionate, adaptable and very well behaved in the home.  Russell is a moderate energy boy, who loves to go for walks  but also enjoys relaxing around the house.  Russell is very eager to please his favorite people and loves to be told that he is a “good dog”.  He has a wonderful smile and a tail that is always wagging.  Russell is very adaptable and seemed instantly relaxed and at home with me.

Currently Russell is being fostered in a condo setting and is very quiet in the home and loves getting multiple walks a day.  He loves to stop and visit with new people and dogs, most people cannot resist his unique appearance, bushy eyebrows and sweet underbite.   Although Russell has quite a bit of fur, he does not shed much at all.

Russell’s foster mom has fallen completely head over heels in love with this very sweet boy and knows that a wonderful family is out there for him that will give him as much love and attention as he is prepared to give them.  Russell is soo ready to start his new life and fall in love with his new family.  Once Russell spends a few minutes in your lap, you will have trouble ever imagining your life without him.


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