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Sponsored with love by Linda and her fur babies, Keanu and Odin.




Rosie has come along quite well! She had a dental 3 weeks ago; they took everything but two teeth. She is on soft food (Fresh Pet), which she loves! Rosie is one of the most loving dogs I have ever come across. She just loves her human and loves everybody she meets! All she wants is to be snuggled and loved! I don’t think she’s got a mean bone in her body; except it takes her a very long time to get along with any other dogs! I think she just tolerates them! She does have food aggression if there are other animals around but not with her human friend.

Rosie has been in my care for 2 months and has learned to hold her pee and poo all night! She will, however, need to be taken out every 4 or 5 hours for a pee during the day! Rosie is NOT crate trained at night; she sleeps with me on my bed. I use a wire crate to transport her to the vet and back, only because there is no one else to hold her when I’m driving. She loves long drives in the car and is very calm.
Although they say she’s 12, Rosie doesn’t act 12. She has some energy but it isn’t over the top and she loves her walks because she knows she gets a tablespoon of food as her treat! After her treat, she will lay beside you or go to her doggy bed for a sleep. That’s all she wants; just you and a snuggle! I will miss this cuddle bug!

Rosie is now up for adoption! If you have any questions; please email me! Thank you for your interest in Rosie and Save Me Dog Rescue!

Foster Mom



Hi there, my name is Rosie and I’m a 12 year old small poodle mix that came into foster care on March 8th. I’ve heard my foster mom tell everyone that I’m very sweet and loving to people but not so good with dogs; I guess I’m jealous because I want all the attention and her Chihuahua gets in my way! I love my belly rubs and cuddles; in fact, I will throw myself on my back, so you can pat me all day long! I just LOVE giving kisses!

Boy oh boy, do I love food! It doesn’t seem to matter what kind my foster mom gives me; if I really like it, I will eat it with gusto! If you give me treats, I would probably prefer soft ones!

My foster mom says I need to work on my bathroom skills. I don’t know what those white things she has down on the bathroom floor are for and it scares me when she puts me in the bathroom and says “go pee pee” and shuts the door! I just hang out at the door and don’t do anything. My foster mom takes me outside to do my business and at first, I wasn’t sure what I was out there for. I peed but when I ran back to her door and got inside, I promptly pooped on the rug! It was so cold and I didn’t want to stay out there! Next time she took me out; we hung out for a bit longer and I wanted to go back but she said, you need to go poop. So after a few minutes, I did! I think I’m getting the hang of it, except I need to start giving her a sign that I need to go.

I love my sleep; seems that’s all I do because I’m getting on in age; but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a little bit of energy! I’d love to go on a nice walk but even with my sweater on, I’m still shivering in this weather! Can’t wait for the nice warm weather, so we can hang outside for a much longer time!

Oh, and by the way; I’m a very quiet doggy!



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