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Red has been adopted! 


Red is a delightful, happy boy who is looking for a place to relax with a family who will love him as much as he loves his humans. Although estimated to be 8 to 10 years old, Red is still active and lively, and seems more “middle aged” than senior. Calm and well behaved in the house, Red is an absolute pleasure to have around. He has become more and more affection with his foster family as he settles in, and is a happier dog every day. He is housetrained, knows “sit”, and is eager to please.

Red’s calm demeanor quickly shifts gears with the promise of a walk! This boy loves the outdoors, and loves to go for walks. He is excited when on leash, and he does pull; his foster parents are working on this and hope that his leash manners will improve with some consistency. Although typically Red is quiet in the house, he does announce the presence of visitors and those just passing by, and his bark is quite loud.

Red’s beautiful coat is thick and soft. Red does shed quite a bit, so he has been getting pampered with a nice brushing every day, which he enjoys. Although Red is not destructive, he is being crated at bedtime and while his foster parents are at work as he adjusts to his new surroundings and foster siblings. An extra-large crate gives him lots of room to stretch out, and he doesn’t mind spending time in there at all.

Red prefers the company of his people over other dogs, but he is peacefully coexisting with his foster sister, a 25lbs spaniel mix. Red’s foster parents think Red would be fine in a home with another calm, similarly natured dog; he would also be great as an only dog. Cats seem to be a little too intriguing to Red at the moment, so a home without any cats would be best for Red.

Before meeting Red, his foster parents knew that he had some vision issues. Upon his arrival in foster care, Red bumped into a thing or two, but overall managed to get around the home very well. After a visit with one of the rescue’s trusted veterinarians, it has been determined that Red has cataracts in both eyes, and is legally blind. His foster parents do not think it impedes his everyday life all that much right now, but they have found that Red does struggle with stairs, especially in the dark.

Red’s foster parents also noticed that he seemed sore in his front leg/shoulder, so this area was x-rayed within a couple days of his arrival. To everyone’s surprise, the x-rays revealed shrapnel (bullet fragments) throughout his shoulder and upper rib cage. Yes, this sweet, gentle soul was the victim of a horrible act, and this injury has resulted in muscle loss and arthritis in his shoulder.

Red is currently on an anti-inflammatory to manage any pain in the hopes that he will begin using this leg more and start rebuilding muscle. Red’s foster parents expect that his forever family will continue to manage his pain as needed, and are hopeful they will work on rehabilitating him through hydrotherapy treatments so he can be more comfortable day to day.

The perfect home for Red would be one where he can lounge around the house all day, spend time enjoying the fresh air in a fenced in backyard, go on a few short walks with his people every day. A single level home without too many steps in and out would be ideal for this sweet boy. Red’s foster mom says,

“Red is the definition of a great companion. I would adopt him myself in a heartbeat, but I know his perfect family is out there waiting for him.”


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