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Lydia is in rehab

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Lydia is a sweet, loving and affectionate pocket beagle who is learning new things about the world around her and her new life every single day. Lydia has made enormous progress since coming to her foster home one week ago, likely having never lived in a home before. She has learned how to climb up and down stairs, cuddle on the couch and how to walk on a leash. Once Lydia is comfortable doing something, she does it with enthusiasm and no hesitation. Lydia bonded with her foster mom very quickly and was resting her head on her leg and licking her hand within 3 hours of arriving. This girl just wants to love and be part of a family. Lydia is cautious of new people and prefers to observe and approach on her own terms. It does not take long at all for Lydia to make friends and start showing people her trust.

Lydia enjoys walks but needs a family that will work with her on her house training. Because everything is new to her she would rather spend her walk time observing things and sniffing around, doing her business is not a priority. Lydia’s ideal family would be in a quiet neighbourhood and have a fenced in yard for her.

Lydia seems to gain comfort and confidence from other animals and a home with a confident dog friend that could show her the ropes would be ideal for her. She has met the resident cat in her foster home and did very well with her.

She has shown great interest in toys and foster mom thinks she will enjoy playing once she gains just a little more confidence. Her constantly wagging tail and adorable bum wiggle will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Although Lydia is timid she has a very gentle personality and would be fine with children that were respectful of her space and her need to come to them.

Lydia is currently left for the work day and does fine, she is quiet in her crate and enjoys the treats she gets in there. In the evenings her favorite place to be is in the kitchen helping her foster mom make dinner or curled up against her foster moms leg on the couch watching TV. This girl is one food motivated pup, which will help a lot with training and building trust. She would benefit from a family that would take her to obedience school to help her gain confidence.

It is so rewarding to see the changes in Lydia every day as she becomes a more confident dog and experiences new things. The Lydia we know now and the Lydia that her lucky family sees in 6 months time will be two very different dogs. Lydia shows so many signs of being an affectionate, playful, loyal and fun girl and just needs a family to help her build her confidence and support her on her journey to being the best dog she can be.

Lydia is in rehab but accepting application while she puts on a little bit of weight

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