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Lorelei has been adopted.


Update: Lane and Lorelei have an amazing bond. They bring out the best in each other and where one maybe shy, the other steps in and helps. They’re never far from each other. They would be great adopted together or to separate homes.

Lorelei has a fun little personality. She’s very outgoing outside the house. LOVES to play in the yard and run and hop through the grass. Inside the house, she is very shy until she becomes comfortable. Each day she explores a little further but if you rush her, she freezes up with fear. Once she is comfortable in a new area, she runs and plays with ease. Puppy like.

She’s likes to cuddle up beside you on the sofa and enjoys head and ear scratches. She is nervous when picked up, but is getting more and more used to it. She’s very trusting and wants to be loved, she’s simply shy.

House training is coming along really well. As long as you take her out regularly, she will do her business outside. She will pee outside when you ask her too as well, she’ll look up at you for approval after!

She is crated at night and settles in with no issues. She makes it through the night with no accidents too. She will remain in rehab for the next week and then hopefully we can get her set for adoption (first weekend in August). Adopters will need to understand her background as a mill dog and will need patience and understand is she learns to become a family member.

Original: Lorelei is a sweet girl! She is very shy and timid. Though she shivers and shakes, she doesn’t let that stop her! Lorelei’s curious personality drives her forward.

This silly girl loves to lick both your hands and face, and her her tail doesn’t stop wagging when you talk to her! She has a beautiful little soul and loves to be around other dogs.

Lorelei is very shy inside the house. She rarely leaves her crate and when she is taken out, she will run back to it. Outside however, she loves her freedom!

Lorelei willingly walks around the yard on a leash with her foster mama and loves every minute following her right at her feet. Though she doesn’t like coming back indoors, her foster mom Colleen simply picks her up and brings her in, Lorelei shaking the whole way.

Colleen has promised to work with Lorelei to help her over come her uneasiness of being inside, it will just take some time.

For more information on Lorelei, please contact her foster mom Colleen, at

Colleen has promised to update often as Lorelei’s personality will likely blossom quite a bit over the next week or two.

Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!