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Lil Bit

This little dog will capture your heart as soon as you look into his incredibly expressive eyes.  He conveys so much with those eyes that barks are not necessary.  He steals your heart with the emotion he conveys by just looking right at you.

The best way to describe Lil Bit is “English Gentleman”. His charm even works on cats.  You’ll catch him cuddling with the house felines, stealing a kiss from one every now and then, and working his magical charm on one of the more stubborn aloof cats.

He has most of the great Pekinese traits like gorgeous expressive eyes, long beautiful brown coat, calm and quiet indoors, tolerant of other dogs and very dignified.

Lil Bit is an owner surrender.  His former owner had to go into Hospice care, and Lil Bit could not go with him.  His foster mom thinks that Lil Bit didn’t get a lot of opportunity to play before coming to her home because Lil Bit doesn’t play with toys…..but she’s hopeful he will in time.

However, when it’s time to go outside, whether it’s for potty time or romp around the yard time, Lil Bit is the first in line!  He loves outdoors!  He has been trained well to walk on a leash, and respects other dogs on his daily walks.  Housebreaking is a work in progress.  His foster mom thinks it’s the upset of his regular routine and upheaval of his former home that has this part a retraining thing.

Crate training is coming along well too.  Lil Bit puts up a bit of a fuss but settles after a few minutes.

Lil bit is exhibiting separation anxiety, particularly when he knows you are just in another room and he cannot get to you.  He is very much a people-dog and is a little shadow to the home residents so he doesn’t want to spend a minute without you!  A home with someone home most of the day would be ideal for Lil Bit.

This English gentleman loves all kinds of food and has a funny quirk that he prefers the large breed kibble over kibble his own size!  It’s humorous to watch this 14lb dog chow down on kibble the size of his foot.

Pumpkin?  Did someone say pumpkin?  Lil Bit loves this time of year because pumpkin is in fresh supply and he loves to eat it.

Lil Bit’s deep desire is to be a bed dog, and if you look into his soulful expressive eyes, chances are, he’ll get his way.


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