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Everyone, meet Lanny! This adorable little munchkin is a 1 year old Chi-Weenie (Chihuahua/Dachshund Mix) who weighs in at around 14 lbs.

Lanny is a bit of a timid dog who is currently living with other small dogs, large dogs, cats, a litter of kittens, toddlers and children of all ages as well as an adult foster mom and dad! He is great company to everyone in the household, and has no aggressive tendencies though does like to bark to get attention. He is house-trained and non-destructive.

Lanny appears to be in quite healthy condition and is a very happy, laid-back boy. A true companion at heart with lots of love to give, he is definitely the type who would much rather snuggle on his foster parent’s lap or rest at their feet than go on adventures. That being said, Lanny goes outside as needed but is so much more content to just be with his people. When he cannot go outside, or chooses not to; Lanny will use the pee pads provided to him.

Lanny tolerates children over the age of 5, but is quite shy around younger children. Sadly, his foster parents suspect he has had his share of abuse as he has somewhat of a “broken” tail and a bent section of his tongue. For this reason, families with children under the age of 5 would not be the most ideal home for Lanny. He will need to be in a home with children who are respectful of dogs, in order for him to learn and grow into a confident dog.

That being said, Lanny`s shyness makes him that much more lovable as he is extremely loyal to his adult humans. He can barely contain himself when he sees his foster mom come home, and his tail is like a helicopter ready for lift off as he waits to kiss her all over.

Lanny deserves a home with a family who will love and spoil him forever. Due to his laid back personality, Lanny should be fine in a condo/apartment as he really just enjoys napping all day long!

For more information on Lanny, please contact his foster mom Christi, at

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